Sunday, November 14, 2010


Our 11th blog in the fake blog series is Ciao Baby. I’d much rather tell him bye-bye, however, we might as well get this shyster over and done with. Let’s see, he created his fake blog in August of 2009, and, like the other fake blogs, plopped down 7 posts for 2009: 2 on Aug 3rd, 1 on Aug 4th, 3 on Aug 6th and 1 on Oct 13th. CB doesn’t post again until almost a year later when he plops 2 posts onto his blog, 1 on Aug 15th and 1 on Aug 19th, and then like the others, completely abandons it.

CB has no About Me, however, he has a banner that reads: Born in Brooklyn, in his side bar, so we can safely assume he lives in none other than the great state of New York, along with Yankee, little Suzy and good ‘ole Jake! Wow, by the time I’m done that state is gonna be crowded!

CB has the same rantings as the other fake blogs and
this post is no different; he went to the LA Times to pilfer a comment from Delaware Bob, then switched the sentences around a bit, but it’s still plagiarism, as I’m sure CB is well aware.

CB is all
TRANSPARENCIES when it comes to plagiarizing! He pilfered from none other than Pajamas Media’s comment section, #1 by Pragmatist and #5 by David Thomson. The ironic thing here is there is a suspicious blog which was opened this very August--wait for it-- The Pragmatis! Oh, forgive the spelling, these fake bloggers, as we’ve seen, so suck at that! Check out this fake blog, who would spell attack like that? I mean even if the URL is taken, wouldn’t you like add a number or something? But the URL wasn't taken, he used darkwolf101, (another little tactic with the 101 that I'll get into soon) the fake blogger spelled attack correctly on his profile, well in one spot he did and the other he didn't, and then again incorrectly on the blog page, the dolt! Oh, it’s like a comedy show, that’s for sure, I get so many giggles doing the research for these fake blogs! Anyway, is it a coincidence that CB stole a comment from Pragmatist (spelled correctly) and then out of nowhere another fake blog appears with that very name? I’m just throwing that out there, folks, it seems awfully strange that there are just oh so many coincidences with these fake blogs.

CB calls Nancy Pelos (sic) the outrageous liar in
this post, but what about him being the outrageous plagiarizer, and ghastly speller! I know, I know, but it’s just too much fun taking jabs at these goons. Anyway, he stole his wrongly spelled titled post from Media Matters! No one can ever accuse these fake bloggers of being partisan!

Hey Ciao Baby, it’s about original work and he certainly didn’t demonstrate that
here! Nope, he jumped on over to Politco, another fav for the fake bloggers, and stole comment #135 by nntktr and #128 by JohnDDBCC.

So, there you have it, the 11th fake blog in our series, who lives in New York and steals from Politco, Pajamas Media, and the LA Times just like Yankee, Bob, good ‘ole Jake, Lulu, American, ‘lil Suzy, Grandma and Con16! Hmm, another coincidence? I think not.


Our 1oth fake blog in the series is Being Right, who created his blog in May of 2009, plopped 5 posts onto it; 3 on May 14th and 2 on May 16th, and then abandoned it. His profile picture is of Jake Gyllenhaal, the actor, and have a gander at where he lives! No, not Jake, you sillies! We know he lives in LA, I meant Being Right! If you said New York, you can advance to Go and collect $200 dollars--of course it’s fake, just like this blog!

Good ‘ole Jake, let’s call him that because I kinda like the name, k? Anyway, Jake’s About Me doesn’t say anything; however, he has a sidebar on his blog that was lifted straight from the
Angry Patriot’s site, which was created way back in December of 2007! It ought to be interesting to see if the Angry Patriot really is angry once he receives my email on the plagiarism and copyright infringement of his blog, or if those little tidbits set him off.

The first post is about the
Fairness Doctrine and Jake altered his post date to reflect May 1st, when it was actually May 14th. He also lifted the entire post from Pajamas Media, comment #1 from D-Wah. It’s getting oh so boring right about now-- we could recite these patterns in our sleep!

Will Jake
Apologize for plagiarizing from Pajamas Media, yet again? This time he lifted part of the article by John Rosenthal and comment #9 by Another Chuck. Oh, I highly doubt any apology is forthcoming, because we all know by now that these fake bloggers have absolutely no moral fiber whatsoever, let alone manners!

3rd post is rather strange, not the post, well yeah that too, but I mean how it all comes together. The first paragraph was lifted from Kevin O’Brien of the Cleveland Opinion, no big surprise there, as we’ve seen these fake bloggers lift from plenty of sites. The 2nd half of the post, however, was lifted from the comment section of Progressive Eruptions, a Liberal blog, but the comment was supposedly written by a Conservative blogger by the name of Beth. Now here’s where it gets strange, there is a Beth who has a blog called 5ft 3. Now, if you click the profile of this so-called Beth, who left the comments at Progressive Eruptions, there is no blog attached to her profile, which was created April of 2009. If you go to the Beth who has the blog called 5ft 3, there is the same profile picture, but the profile that is attached has a completely different blogger profile identity number than the so-called Beth who left the comments, and this Beth created her profile back in August of 2005. Many questions arise from this situation, but one fact is certain, this so-called Beth person plagiarized from our Jake here, because this Beth person deleted her comments, however, Shaw at Progressive Eruptions has kept the deletions intact in the comment section so you can see when they were initially posted, which was May 15th 2009 and our Jake wrote his blog post on May 14th 2009, according to the RSS Feed. So, is this so-called Beth a plagiarizer or is Beth really Jake? And what about the real Beth over at 5ft 3? How does she feel about this? Was her profile hijacked? Or is she really the same Beth that posted over at Progressive Eruptions, hence the one who plagiarized from Jake? Again, for those who think it’s no big deal about fake blogs, think again, because it's dishonest actions like this that can harm a person's reputation!

So there you have the 10th fake blog in our series. Being Right, or Jake, for the profile picture he hijacked. Whacha think, folks?

The 11th in our series is on its way!


Golly, where to start with PSI Bond. I guess I’ll start with when he created his fake blog. It was October of 2009 when he plopped 13 posts onto it; 3 on Nov 10th, 4 on Nov 11th, 4 on Nov 12th, 1 on Nov 16th and 1 on Dec 23rd. He didn’t post again until April 21st of 2010, and then he completely abandoned the blog. Good riddance, considering he stole his About Me from the Free Republic where St Louis Conservative posted: I'm tired of hearing the refrain...."the GOP is dead"....and "the country is going down the tubes the way of Western European socialist countries". I'm sorry, I won't accept that. And comment #2 wrote: The Republican party can come back in a big way, if they’ll just return to first principles. All PSI Bond had to do was add that he was a husband, father and proud soldier who served his country, because what else would he have served? Coffee? Your guess is as good as mine considering we have no clue what the PSI stands for. We can guess though, and it could be fun!

He said he was in the military, you know, like Suzy’s husband, so maybe PSI is an abbreviation for Platoon Sector Indicator, or Personnel Security Investigation. Oh wait, he has Bond after the PSI. Bond! Oh my gosh! Like 007! He could’ve been a Spy, but he can’t tell us that because it could place him and his family in great peril, so he’s gave us a clue! That must be it! He’s a James Bond and PSI means Pretty Special Investigator! And boy is he ever special!

Yeah, PSI is so special that he felt he could steal his profile picture from
Father Charles Liteky, the 1968 Congressional Medal of Honor winner. Father Liteky was a Catholic Chaplin who served in our Army during the Vietnam War and received the Medal of Honor because of his exceptional valor for saving lives while under fire. PSI had the disgusting audacity to steal this honorable man’s picture and pass it off as his own! But to some it’s no big deal that these fake blogs exist. Oh sure, it's no big deal that some schmuck has impersonated Father Liteky, a man of honor, and this schmuck, PSI Bond, hijacked his identity for a fake blog where he stole other people’s intellectual work and wrote what he believed—not what Father Liteky believed. That is just repugnant! And anyone with an ounce of decency would see it exactly like that, unless it is the person who has pilfered, not only the picture, but the articles as well--meaning, the fake blogger!

Okay, I think I’m finished with my tangent.

PSI's 1st post,
ObamaCare, was actually posted on November 11th @ 5:39:23 pm, but PSI altered the date to reflect Oct 11th. He also didn’t write this post (no surprise there!) he lifted it from Cyber Geezer, who wrote it in Hot Air's comment section on November 11th @ 12:52 pm. It’s quite possible that PSI changed his posting date because Cyber Geezer (who also has a blog of his own) was the original writer and PSI wanted to hide his tracks—a tactic the other fake blogs used when they stole someone else’s work.

2nd post was plagiarized. Geez, I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. Oh, and it too was pilfered from Hot Air’s comment section! Guess PSI likes that site, eh? See comment page #2, comment by mtb on Oct 1st @ 10:01 am, and Jeanie @ 4:54 pm, then shoot on over to comment page #1, for canopfor on Sept 3oth @ 10:17 pm. Like, wow, lots of work for a whopping 6 sentences without proper sentence structure! Do these fake bloggers even bother to spell check? Heck, do they even bother to read what they’ve stolen? I’m going out on a limb and state for the record that PSI isn’t smarter than a 5th grader either!
It’s frightening how many posts have been pilfered from the American Thinker! They must have a list of favs and the American Thinker is in their top 5! Because PSI lifted the comments by Average Joe and JoeSwiss to create this post, in which he altered the date to reflect Oct 22nd rather than the original RSS Feed date of November 12th. If I had to go through so much trouble to hide what I was doing, I think I’d have to stop. I don’t believe it would be worth it! Especially considering they abandon these blogs after a few short months of creating them!

These fake bloggers just don’t stop with the disgusting theft and egregious actions. PSI’s
Veteran’s Day wish post was…yep, you guessed it…stolen! Can you even believe it? Oh, now that was a dumb question, huh? Of course you can! I’ve been displaying theft after theft and dishonorable action after dishonorable action, why should Veteran’s Day be exempt from these thieves? PSI goes on about how Veteran’s Day means: Honor and Respect to him. He goes on to say that he’s retired now but would do it all over again if he could. Well, words are just that…words, especially if they aren’t yours! Check out this site where Debbie Taylor, retired MS1 from the Navy, wrote her feelings about Veterans Day: To me, Veterans Day means; Honor, Respect, and the price we pay or have paid to keep our country free. Those who serve have great respect for our country or they would have never volunteered to protect those who have been left behind. I myself am a Veteran of the United States Navy and I proudly served. I have been retired now for nearly 12 years. If I could do it all over again I would to help protect and serve our great country. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! and GOD BLESS those who have served and are now serving in our Armed Forces. HAPPY VETERANS DAY to each and everyone. -MS1 Debra J. Taylor (USNRET) ' How interesting. PSI Bond just changed Navy to Army and switched proudly served to served proudly. It’s still plagiarism and in the most disgusting form. He stole it from a Veteran! But Veteran’s Day means honor and respect to him? You’ve got to be kidding me! He doesn’t honor or respect a dog-gone person! He’s a thief and a schmuck! He’s also disgusting—stealing not only a Medal of Honor winner’s photo but now one of our honorable military Veteran’s memories and trying to pass it off as his own because he can’t even come up with something nice to say to our military men and women in his own words. Like I said—disgusting.
Sad, but true, but maybe it’s time to close this blog, PSI, since you stole it from the American Thinker, yet again. Except this time you took part of Michael Filozof’s article along with comments by Geoffry Britian, Sherry, DaveT and the last line in Ret. Marine’s comment. The entire post is how PSI is a hawkish, pro-military Vietnam Vet, but really it was Mr. Filozof’s personality, and how PSI thinks we should surrender in Afghanistan—does PSI even know where Afghanistan is located? I have serious doubts, considering I believe he’s dumber than a 5th grader with about as much decency as a snail.
Great Job, PSI Clown, who stole this one from the Gay Patriot! No new news there. But gosh, lots of work, comment #1 by Straight Aussie, #11 by Ted B, #21 by heliotrope, #5 by Anonny-nonny and then back to the last sentence in comment #1 by Straight Aussie just to create one post! Guess PSI isn’t such a Pretty Special Investigator after all! It didn’t take me all that long to peg him for a dishonest, lying, cheating, thieving fake blogger! How about you?

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Suzy’s Thoughts was created in November of 2009. She used the (*) and the (#) in her profile, just like Bob and Lulu-- the copycat! She used to live in Louisiana, but moved to New York with her husband, who is retired from the Navy, and she’s very proud of him. Like duh, what’s she gonna say, I’m very disappointed in him for serving? Who else served in the military? Oh, yeah, Bob! Remember that fake blog? I do declare that Bob and Yankee are also from…New York! I wonder if they all live in the same neighborhood. It would make it easy to borrow computer ink…I mean sugar. I also wonder if Suzy likes Gumbo, being a Louisianan and all. Grandma ZaZa likes Gumbo.

Oh, sorry, got off track. Back to Suzy, the star of this post.

Suzy wrote, and I use that term lightly, 19 posts, and from what I’ve found, 11 of them were plagiarized. Oh, boy! I’m shocked. And guess what? The posting dates were altered! Bet you had no idea, huh? She started the fake blog in November, as I said, and plopped 10 posts onto it on November 27th, and changed all the dates. She then wrote (Ha, that’s too funny -- now I’m cracking myself up) 9 posts for 2010; 6 on January 7th and 3 on May 13th. And yes, you’re right if you think the dates were altered.

Suzy must want everyone to believe she’s magical, because she created her blog in November, but her 1st post reads October 2nd 2009! I guess that would work for stupid people. However, we aren’t schmucks, because Suzy hasn’t
Done Anything except cheat and went as far as stealing this post from the site moms like me; article by nettielbeck and comment by dooleymom.

post complaining about how Obama received the Nobel Peace prize is a price unto itself, because she didn’t even come up with the words all by her little self. Nope, she lifted them from News Busters’ site, comment by jessieH. Of course she has it showing it was posted on October 9th, but the RSS Feed tells a different story, November 27th is the real date.

Suzy was certainly awake for
this post! It was lifted from Maddox Xmission’s site, where the author obviously doesn’t like blogs, yet has a blog?? Lil Suzy used Maddox’s Blogging Community definition for her post title. Her 1st sentence was taken from Maddox’s Blogumentary definition and her 2nd sentence was lifted from his very 1st paragraph. She even ended her post with Thank you, just like Maddox’s first sentence! Plus we’ve all heard the saying it takes a village to raise a kid, or the one that Suzy used, an idiot. Ha ha, very original there Suzy. Maybe next time use your own phrase—oh, my so bad! I’m talking about a plagiarizer here! How dare I ask for original work!

Oh Suzy, Suzy, if only you had a
plan. You know, to link when you lifted from the American Thinker and its author Jerry Philipson. Hmm, just like the other 7 fake bloggers--cut and paste and give no attribution. Flattery, folks? Complimentary? Or just plain theft?

I do not think Suzy is smarter than a 5th grader. She
wrote: As yet there is nothing to the credit of Mr. Obama even to think of considering him for a neobel prize. Um, what is a neobel prize? I looked up neo in the dictionary and it means new; bel is a unit of power ratio. So, should we not consider President Obama for a prize for new units of power ratio? When and where did that prize start anyway? Oh, maybe over in chine! Um, not to be dumb, but where is chine? I’m pretty good at Geography, but I’m having a heck of a time finding that on the globe! Maybe I should ask Rufus (#6) and Mitha (#15), since that’s whose comments Suzy used to create her post—spelling errors and all!

Now this is just pathetic. It’s a Thanksgiving wish
post and Suzy couldn’t even come up with her own words for that! I mean really, how difficult is it to wish someone a Happy Thanksgiving? Obviously for Suzy, very, because she stole hers from the Gay Patriot. Again, pathetic.

Looks like Suzy plagiarized yet again. Her
8th post was lifted from the Gay Patriot (imagine that), this time she stole the article by Daniel Blatt and comment #7 by Spartann. The same pattern as the other fake blogs--sometimes just comments, then sometimes the article and a few comments. So, is there a fake blogging 101 course or do we have one face behind these 8 fake blogs?
Well It Happened Again! Suzy cut and pasted an article onto her blog and gave absolutely no credit whatsoever to the original source. Considering all we know about Suzy and her manipulation of posting dates and pilfering of comments, and articles, can we even entertain the idea that she might not know about attribution? Or do we assume she's just plain stupid? How about guilty as sin of being a plagiarizer? I'll take door number 3, Monty!

Now to me,
this is really egregious. Not only has it been plagiarized and the copyright violated, but it was done to someone many of us know! Ken Taylor of The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth (his July 12th post at the very bottom of the page). Plus, it was a post Ken did on his birthday and Suzy didn’t even have the decency to plagiarize the entire post! Nope, she just chopped it up—dumped the first paragraph altogether (guess because Ken mentioned his birthday) then she proceeded to cut and paste the next 6 paragraphs, but eliminated the remaining 9. How dare she be a persnickety plagiarizer and to one of our own! Warning folks, Ken Taylor is not the only one within the community who has been violated. Maybe now those who don’t think this is such a big deal might think it’s more important. But then again, if you’re a sucky writer with an even suckier blog—no harm, no foul, right?
Calling All plagiarizers! You will be caught! Just like lil Suzy, who changed her post date to January 3rd in order to pretend she posted before the original author, Charles Hurt, who wrote the article for the New York Post on January 7th @ 3:08 am. According to the RSS Feed, Suzy actually posted hers on January 7th @ 2:18:06 pm. The lengths these cheats will go to in order to look legit! But when we get out our magnifying glass, we can see they are as fake as acrylic finger nails!

Good Golly, Suzy can’t even give credit to a
poll! Nope, she had to cut and paste and pretend it was hers! This chick has issues. I mean come on. What blogger hasn’t used other sources for their blog posts? I’ll go out on a limb and say 100%. But they give attribution!

So why didn’t Grandma, Con, Bob, Yankee, Lulu, American, Voice and Suzy
not bother to use links or give credit? Why did they deliberately cut and paste and pretend those posts were theirs? I’m guessing because it’s 1 person trying to pass off dozens of blogs as his/her own and the best way to get a ton of posts is to cut and paste them as fast as you can so you can fill a blog and make it look active. I could be wrong, but Suzy is now the 8th in the series and I have 90 more to go—all just like the others. Coincidence? You tell me...

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Voice of Reason is an original old/fake blog created back in October of 2008. He has a profile but it doesn't tell us where he lives, although we know he likes Casablanca, The Player, Mary Poppins, Pulp Fiction, On the Waterfront, and The Godfather. He's a music lover, too, from Mozart to the Bee Gees! Other than that, we know zilch. Well, we know he plagiarized 8 out of 15 posts, so we know he's a thief and his blog is full of the same patterns as the others I've described.

In 2008 Voice’s archives show that he wrote 5 blog posts; 1 in July, 1 in August and 3 in October. However, he actually posted all 5 of them on October 17th of 2008—within minutes of each other! (12:56pm, 12:58pm, 1:00pm, 1:04pm) It doesn’t appear that he lifted those 5 posts, so maybe he was trying really hard to behave—after all, it was early on!

Voice didn’t bother to post anything for 2009, but did write…and cut and paste, 10 posts in 2010, and the dates, of course, were altered.

Voice is Obviously Dumber than he realized because he lifted that post from Right Pundits’ Shannon Bell and broke copyright laws along with plagiarizing! But I’m sure Ms. Bell won’t take offense, after all, it’s flattery and heck, what serious author wants links to their intellectual work anyway!

It’s the same story, Voice lifted this post from sodahead, comment by dmac. These guys are so predictable, aren’t they? And this is only the 7th fake blog!

Voice Lied when he pretended this was his post. He pilfered it from the Gay Patriot's site, comment #1 by Gene in Pennsylvania. At least these guys are consistent.

Voice should be Poised for a Fight if Jan Crawford finds out he not only stole her post but he also violated copyright laws and I’m sure CBS News won’t be too happy about that. Do these fake bloggers even give a hoot about breaking the law? I guess we’ll find out once these authors learn of the deception, law breaking and unscrupulous conduct.

We can safely assume that Voice is nothing but opportunistic certified plagiarizer because he stole this post from The Spectator’s site, comment by Bill Husein O’Stalin 6/29/10 @ 7:52 am. Voice’s post date reads June 6th, but the RSS Feed is July 6th; I’m sure he altered the date because Bill’s original comment was posted way before good ‘ole Voice’s, but Voice didn’t want anyone to catch on to that pesky little fact.

Voice criticized Michael Steele in this post, saying he’s not very clever and he was a bad choice. Guess Voice thought he was being clever—not! He went to the Gay Patriot and grabbed comment #2, by Michelle, and the last line of comment #4, by darkeyedresolve (who has a blog) and created a blog post! No, not very clever at all there, Voice!

Take your time with this post because it was originally a list of 20 things wrong with the US economy, but Voice grabbed #4 and plopped it down as a blog post. Original, huh?

I think Voice should be escorted through cyberspace for stealing from Vickie McClure Davidson from the Frugal CafĂ© blog, oh and comment #1 by AFVET. By the looks of Ms. McClure Davidson’s blog, it appears she puts a lot of hard work, effort and intellectual work into her blog, and it’s a damn shame her work was stolen by this fake blogger. I highly doubt she will think this is complimentary in any way shape or form. Serious authors don’t find it anything but wrong, unscrupulous and downright illegal.

Okay, there you have the 7th blog in the fake blog series. Gosh, by the time I get to the 20th blog we’ll all be fake blogging pros! Think the fake blogger will give us a job? Does it pay? And if so, how much? Would we have to submit a resume? What am I thinking! We just have to Google a profile, cut and paste it, then find some comments we like, cut and paste those and slap them onto a new blog and volia! We’re ready to go! Oh, and we mustn’t forget a profile picture, preferably one from an overseas advertising site. That way we’ll look average and people will think we’re real. Then we need to find some real blogs to leave comments on and we need to cut and paste those comments, heck, who needs real comments when we can go to the Gay Patriot or The Spectator, they’ve got lots of comments we can flatter!

Y’all know I’m jesting. I just wanted to lighten it up a bit, because this is just so pathetic. Well, until my next fake blog…

Sunday, October 31, 2010


It’s one thing, as we've seen, to set up a fake blog because you have lots of plagiarized work to cut and paste and quite another to go through the motions for only 1 post, like our buddy, To Be An American here, but I’m going to list him just to get him out of the way.

He set up his blog in February 2009 and, of course, manipulated his posting date as per the RSS Feed. We don’t know where he lives or any of his favorites, but we do know he pilfered his one and only post from the
American Thinker and Politico and, ta da, a closed fake blog called The Phantom Man (see the last paragraph). Yep, American decided that stealing from fake blogs is fair game too. Unless, it’s his blog, then it wouldn’t be stealing, would it? Gosh, this is confusing!

We don’t know much about American, other than he’s a plagiarizer and a fake. Short and boring, but wrong all the same.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Here we have LULU’S Back in Town. It was created April of 2009 and only had 2 posts before it was abandoned. Both were posted in April and both dates were manipulated. The RSS Feed states that the 1st post date is April 11th, but Lulu changed it to April 8th and the 2nd post’s Feed states it was posted April 11th but Lulu changed that one to April 9th.

first post was lifted from quite a few comments from Pajamas Media’s comment section. Let’s see, it starts with comment #3 by David Thomson, and proceeds with #14 by AThinkingPerson, #36 by TheMightyMonarch, #12 by Terry Gain, #6 by Adina Kutnicki, #7 by gboisjo and finishes with #8 by Carl. Wow! Lots of stolen comments for one post! I’m thinking it would be easier to write just your own post, but hey, what do I know?

Now, the
2nd post doesn’t appear to be plagiarized. Which is kind of a relief. Lulu wrote: Bush would have ordered the bombing of terrorist camps in Somalia until there was nothing but creators left in that country...but our "New" president is a coward, we need leadership and to hell with consensus approval, we should be leading the world, not bowing down to it. Oh, for the good old days.
I don’t know about you, but I’m relieved that bombing terrorists’ camps in Somalia doesn’t produce more creators! I’d rather have craters if we’re going to start bombing willy-nilly, but hey, that’s just me. It’s a good thing Lulu didn’t steal that post because if someone else thinks the way she does, good golly, I’d be nervous!

We don't know if Lulu really looks like that or where good ole Lulu lives. We do know that she uses (*) and (#) in her Favorite Movies and Music. We also notice some of the same Followers as some of the other fake blogs. Hmm, should make for interesting upcoming posts.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Alrighty, here we have a pretty American girl…or do we?

According to American Yankee’s blog, she created it December 2009, but didn’t begin posting until February 2010. Okay, no biggie, so far.

“About Me” says:

I've enjoyed my career as an artist for about 30 years. I have many interests and love to challenge myself by exploring new things. I try to be "creatively generous" with what I learn. While I appreciate all the disciplines of the "serious side" of Fine Arts, I also enjoy creating things that make people think.

Oops. There’s the catch. That profile belongs to
Warren Ludwig who created his blog, LUDstuff, back in January of 2007!

Not only did Yankee steal Mr. Ludwig’s profile, but she stole his Interests and Favorite Movies and Music too! The only thing Yankee didn’t steal was where Mr. Ludwig lives. He lives in Kansas and Yankee lives in…New York! (I told you to keep that in mind from the last post, remember?) She's not that pretty either, well,
Lauren Conrad from The Hills is that pretty, but we don't have a clue what Yankee looks like. Heck, we don't even know if Yankee is a female! Everything else about this blog is fake, so her being a she is probably fake, too!

Yankee wrote on her
Feb 1st post: Did you catch this one from President Whiner? On Feb 3, the Affirmative Action POTUS mewled: WOW! How did she know 2 days before what the POTUS was going to mewl? Can she give me the lottery numbers 2 days from now? How about weather predictions? Oh, wait... no, she can't. She’s not a prophet, but she is a deceiver! Her RSS Feed says Feb 14th, but as you can see, she wrote Feb 1st. So, along with plagiarizing this post from Hugh Hewitt and John Nichols, she cheats on posting dates! Now where have we heard that before?

Here is yet another post that is
proof positive that Yankee is a plagiarizer. It was taken from Politico’s article and a comment by jan. Its date has also been changed. According to Yankee, she posted it Feb 4th, but the RSS Feed states Feb 14th @ 2:59 pm. Yankee did that to make it look like she posted it before the original author, Carol Lee; who posted it @ 9:24 am on Feb 14th.

Yankee must like to lift from Politico because her post,
Jobs, was taken from comment #50 by HankG. And yet again she changed the RSS Feed date of March 8th @ 12:30 pm, to a blog post date of March 2nd. My guess is because HankG’s comment was posted on March 8th @ 8:23 am and Yankee wouldn’t want anyone to think he posted first!

Too bad Yankee didn’t
Keep to the Facts that plagiarizing was wrong because she used 2 sources for that blog post. The Spectator, comment by Achilles Toejam, and Honest Questions. Yep, you guessed it, the dates were manipulated. Post date of March 6th and the RSS Feed states March 9th.

Yankee uses
Reelman’s comment to compose this post which says it was posted on March 8th but the feed reads March 9th.

Yankee’s right,
Trouble lies ahead, well Yankee’s not right, Nebraska Patriot is! Because it was his comment that she lifted to make a blog post! Of course the dates were once again manipulated. (Nebraska Patriot is a male—he has a blog and says he's been married, to a wife, since 1987.)

In summary, American Yankee stole her entire profile, interests, favorite movies and music and 6 out of 8 posts are plagiarized. She lives in New York, big surprise there! But remember that state! And notice how she started her blog in December of 2009 and plopped 8 posts onto it: 2 on Feb 14th; 2 on March 8th; 3 on March 9th; and 1 on April 4th...then she abandoned the blog. Tuck that info away for the next blog--coming soon!


We’re going to take a look at an old/fake blog, Bob Knows Best. It will give you an even better idea of how these fake blogs operate and you can also compare Bob’s blog to the other two I wrote about.

Let’s see, Bob started his blog in September of 2009 and he has a total of 7 posts. Looking at the dates of these posts you can see that his first post,
Dumb a form of government in which the worst persons are in power, is dated February 1st, and listed under his February 2009 archives. However, according to the RSS Feed it’s actually February 10th, but not 2009! It’s really 2010! Now, why would Bob write a post in February of 2010 but make it look like he posted it in 2009? Your guess is as good as mine. It’s safe to assume, though, that he manipulated his post dates, which is common practice among the old/fake bogs, and, as I showed you, in the newer ones, like Grandma ZaZa and Conservative16, as well.

But before I get into more of his posts, I have to tell you about his profile! Bob states this in his “About Me”:

Being the proud father of three wonderful sons, I cannot pass up the opportunity to brag on them. My oldest son is presently serving in Iraq, and I am extremely proud of him.. I have a pretty strong personality. People are either drawn to it, or turned off by it. As the youngest of three brothers; I adapt well to many situations and environments, I play well with others, and can be the life of the party. I love people and life. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, and what goes around comes around. I think I'm a very good judge of character, and I only surround myself with people I like. I do hold grudges. I forgive but don’t forget. I'm both a lover and a fighter. There is more to me than meets the eye. I love cuddling and kissing, rainstorms, Pizza, sausage, and corona beer. I love staying up late and sleeping in late, and I like my music loud! The greatest gift in life is to love and be loved in return.

Hmm, that profile sounds a lot like this profile:

I have a pretty strong personality. People are either drawn to it, or turned off by it. As the youngest of three brothers; I adapt well to many situations and environments, I play well with others, and can be the life of the party. I love people and life. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, and what goes around comes around. I think I'm a very good judge of character, and I only surround myself with people of good nature. I don't hold grudges. I forgive and forget. I'm a lover not a fighter. There is more to me than meets the eye. I love acting stupid with my friends. I love cuddling. I love kissing. I miss rainstorms. I love sausage pizza and corona. I love staying up late and sleeping in late, and I like my music loud! The greatest gift is to love and be loved in return. All you need is love! Inspire others and be inspired.

The latter profile is from a
Jordan Shannon (near bottom of page), who happens to be a homosexual and I’m fairly certain he does not have son in Iraq as Mr. Shannon is only 30 years old himself (to have a son at least 18 yrs old, Jordan would have to have been a father at 12; possible, but not probable!) So, either Bob is Jordan Shannon masquerading as Bob, or Bob stole Jordan Shannon’s profile because Bob was setting up a fake blog where he plagiarizes other’s work and needed a profile really fast and what better way to get one than Google for it! I’m betting on the latter.

Okay, onto Bob’s 2nd & 3rd posts. From what I can tell they aren’t plagiarized, and without proof I can't accuse him. I did find, though, that Bob changed the dates, yet again. His
You Lied post reads it was posted on Sept 7th, but in the RSS Feed, it was posted on Sept 27th. His post titled Comrade Barry does what he does best he talks and does nothing is dated Sept 25th, but again, the RSS Feed states it was posted Sept 27th. Now his 4th post, also from September, is plagiarized and its date is also changed from the RSS Feed date of Sept 28th to the post date of Sept 26th. As I said, it is plagiarized...wait for it... from Yahoo Answers! Now, Bob can always say he posted that question, but we’re beginning to see that Bob doesn’t always know best because he manipulated his post dates and he lifted someone else’s profile and used it as his own.

Bob’s post,
I have two words regarding Sharpton’s credibility, None and Nada, says it was posted Oct 14th, but again it was really posted Oct 16th. I have two words, was plagiarized. Yep, Bob lifted it from Politico’s comment section; comment #562 by Casa de Cinco Chihua and comment #566 by TMR.
Is Obama Taking Us On Path To Socialism was taken from Herb Denenberg of The Bulletin. I’ll just bet Herb will like the flattery! Oh, and this post’s date was changed to read Oct 24th when the RSS Feed date reads Oct 26th.

So, there you have it, 3 out of 7 posts are plagiarized, along with Bob’s profile. Oh and he lives in New York, and has a kid in the Military. Also when you view the favorites in the profiles, notice the use of the (*) and the (#). Keep those tidbits in mind for the next blog.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Conservative16 is another blog we need to be wary of, because it plagiarizes and violates copyright laws, too. It follows the same patterns as the other old/fake blogs I have been investigating and he went onto a forum and borrowed the persona of Conservative16, set up a blog and then began posting on communities and boards within the last month. He did that after commenting at Pamela Hart’s place and she called him a troll because he had no profile. He told her he wasn't a troll because he’s been posting on forums for 3 years, but Pamela told him if he's been posting for so long then he could at least have a cartoonish picture and profile. Soon after that, viola, he not only had a cartoonish picture and profile but an entire blog-- with over 20 posts!

first post is none other than his first comment when he joined Republican Operative on October 3rd, however, it was compiled from comments from a dating site using ready4mingle, tileman1814, purelight2 and scarmars’ comments. (Tip: Only read the comments at the dating site because if you click the profiles you won't be able to get back in without signing up. I had to use another computer because I was looking closely at ready4mingle's picture??)

2nd post looked authentic until I noticed halfway down he added to his other Conservative16's post using Lucianne's site with comments by thecatalyst, #3, MikeyVa, #5, vwlarry, #8 and chance232, #11, but the most bizarre part is this: Just as Sherman rolled through the South and destroyed his enemies ability to fight, we must defeat every Democrat and destroy the party forever if we are to save the future of our children, which is the first line of Chuck Wolf’s article. What the heck! Isn’t that a lot of work?

Con16’s post dates are, well, conned. Take his 3rd post, it says it was posted on Oct 3rd, but if you put the blog into your RSS Feed, you’ll see that the actual date was Oct 6, 2010 @ 7:46:03 am. My guess is he was trying to pretend he wrote posts earlier or later than he actually did, either to try to throw off the path of plagiarism or to pretend his blog was older than it is, because there are other blog post dates that don’t jive with the RSS Feed either. A pattern that the old/fake blogs used quite often, by the way.

But back to the
3rd post. It was taken from 2 sources. Comments used from here, ReconJihad and MsCharlotteVale. Then he actually used the line: The reason that Palestinians love terrorism is because they have never had to pay a real price for killing Jews, which was taken directly from Caroline Glick’s article. I wonder if Ms. Glick would consider this “flattery”. I think I shall send her an email and ask her. Along with quite a few other authors, whose intellectual work has been, ah, flattered. Should be very interesting to hear their answer, don’t ya think?
This, ladies and gentlemen, about knocked me for a loop. Con16 took comments by udanja99, #11, and farmwife, #7, again from Lucianne, and posted them as a blog post, plus he posted them at Republican Operative! Guess he’s not content plagiarizing comments only one time now! Is plagiarizing addicting? Is there a plagiarizing anonymous? Hello, I’m Grandma ZaZa…I mean Conservative16 and I’m a Plagiarizer...oops, I mean Flatterer.

Maybe it wasn’t
plagiarism, but then again, maybe it was! Yep, I’m sure it was considering Con16 used Soggy in Nola’s comments @ 8:10am & 8:35am, then Closed Caption’s comment @ 8:48am, and then back to Soggy in Nola’s comment @ 8:35am to finish it off. Great balls of fire Batman! If he’s not getting paid for this he should be! It’s work with a capital W!
Let’s face it folks, Con16 is a picky plagiarizer! On this post he used comments by nunyadb and PSRPlayer, however, nunyadb’s comment actually read like this: Let's face it folks, it was time for a black President. Past time actually. Con16 decided to chop that up and instead wrote: Let's face it folks, it was a black President that they voted for, nothing more than that! Hmm, why didn't Con16 keep the exact phrase about being due for a black President, it didn't offend his Republican values, did it?

If you ask me, Con16
cannot be trusted because again he went on Republican Operative and posted a comment that he plagiarized from Lucianne’s site, Txknitter, reply #1, original article by Photoonist, and Bulletthole, reply #7.

Con16 worked really hard on
this post. He took ReconJihad’s original article & comment, Richwill, reply #2, Attercliffe, #4, postaway, #17, and Bulletthole, #18, from Lucianne’s site and posted them as his blog post. Then he went to Republican Operative and left it as a comment, proceeded to Caroline Glick’s site and left the same comment yet again! Ms. Glick’s article was dated Sept 3rd and the comment previous to Con’s was Sept 13th. I can only guess that Con left additional comments because he was trying to hide his plagiarism, however, Lucianne’s site is definitely the first place, its date is 10/6 @ 4:00am; Conservative16's blog post @ 7:46am, Republican Operative is next @ 9:03am and Glick’s site @ 9:11am.

Here we have comment #3 by FoxFan and the 1st sentence of comment #5 by bramsey41 to produce this blog post. I guess I can’t say it enough, too much work, just use your own words for the sake of Pete—oops, I mean Bulletthole... oops... I mean, I mean FoxFan…

Here’s a
doozie. Con takes badkarma’s comment #24, his very own comment #11 (can you believe it!) then…Malcontent’s comment at the end of the AP story which Malcontent posted at the beginning of the forum. Here’s the quote: I Love how the AP goes after the Less-Educated when they don't get in Line with the Party...At least you guys are Predictable! Call 'em Stupid, AP!... That will get them back in Line with the DemocRATS! Hmm, wonder if Malcontent minds the flattery.

Don’t Blame Me I only found that Con cut and pasted it from kimmykaye’s comment!

I think Conservative16
needs to be more tolerant of plagiarism and copyright laws, because the first part of this post was all over the net, yet he gave absolutely no link or attribution. Heck, the post reads, I am perplexed… it is deceptive! He’s purposely making it sound like he is perplexed! What is so difficult about links? Attribution? Hat tips? Unless you are purposely trying to deceive! He lifted the second part of his post from qlxlqatl’s comment #10. Well, there you have it, he truly has no problem with plagiarism. But hey, isn’t that what I’ve been proving over and over and over and over?
Three sentences but Con still had to pilfer jswnwv’s comment #16!

It’s safe to assume that Con16 won’t be
the Greatest blogger ever if he continues to lift posts, like this one from Doug Giles at Town Hall. Hey, Dougie, it’s flattery, don’t ya know!

Touble With Con16 is, he’s a plagiarizer and a deceiver. This post is 54 words long and 27 of them were lifted from buffpilot’s 38 word comment #1, posted here on Oct 8th @ 7:22 am. Con’s post says it was posted on Oct 8th @ 4:49am, which would mean he posted it first, but if you put it in your RSS Feed, you’ll see he messed with the dates yet again. His blog post was really posted on Oct 19th @ 5:38:38 pm. I believe this tells us he was trying to hide the fact that he stole buffpilot’s comment, which was posted first!

The problem with plagiarism is you end up getting caught. Like here, Con lifted it from Jeff Hickey’s comment.

But wait there’s more!

Conservative16 tells
The Truth About Glenn Beck using freelance author Christian Toto’s article for Human Events. Maybe Mr. Toto will think it’s flattery! Heck, there’s got to be at least one author who will think that…right? I’ll shoot him off an email and find out.

Here we have Con16’s post about
Love Between Hollywood and Obama. It’s been pilfered from none other than Obama is a bitch! Now where have we heard that before? Oh, yeah, Grandma ZaZa reads that blog! Hmm, all the years I’ve been reading and posting on the internet and I only found that disgusting blog because I came across 2 personas who just happen to have started new blogs within the last month and both have close to 30 posts in a span of a few weeks because they plagiarized those from comments and articles from, volia, the same sources, one of which is Obama is a bitch, but neither comment on this blog and neither have it listed in their blogroll. It’s a coincidence, I’m sure. Or maybe Grandma took Conservative16 under her grandmotherly wing and told him all about that disgusting blog, because that’s what nice grandmothers do, right? Oh, wait, Con16 doesn’t have an email listed. Grandma has ESP-- that’s it. Oh, sorry, got off track. You be the judge of how this all fits together, I already know because I’m privy to 98 other blogs with the same MO’s. But, here’s the link for the Obama is a bitch, and like I said before, read at your own discretion. The last half of Con16’s post was lifted from the first part of Deborah White’s article. But it’s flattery, don’t forget!
Anyone who has a brain wouldn’t want to read Obama is a bitch, but, Con16 did it again! Except this time he used two articles from that gross site to produce his blog post! Here and here. It’s such a gross, disgusting blog and if I weren’t investigating this you couldn’t get me to read that blog for any price! So, trust me on this folks, he did plagiarize it, don’t pollute your eyes unless you really have to.

Another short
blog post, but it was still lifted using exposingsocialistmed’s comment.

has once again demonstrated poor judgment when he pilfered GaGardener’s and Jan’s comments to produce that blog post.

I think the road Conservative16 wants to go down is unethical when he plagiarized
comment #2 by Molah to make this blog post and proceeded to change the date once again from Oct 19th, according to the RSS Feed, to Oct 18th.

This last post,
Why Do Some People Have Trouble With Obama, is virtually the same as the one titled The Trouble With Obama Is, which we have already determined was plagiarized from Lucianne’s site, comment by buffpilot. Recycling plagiarized posts isn’t normally done on the same blog—but I guess there’s always a first.

Well, there you have it. Out of 33 blog posts, posted between Oct 5th and Oct 19th, 23 of them were plagiarized, and quite a few of those from the very same sites that Grandma ZaZa used. Coincidence? I’ll let you be the judge.

I’d also like to clarify something. When I use the term fake blog, I don’t mean fake as in they don’t exist. I mean they aren’t written using the blog owner’s own words. They are fake in my eyes because they are making up personas and compiling their blog posts by plagiarizing articles and comments of others—without any attribution of any kind.

I am also not a professional investigator. I am a real person using Sleuth as a nic-name to help with this investigation, because I believe in right and wrong, and plagiarism is wrong.

Freedom of speech is very important, so I am not trying to shut down anyone who uses his or her own words or uses proper links, etc., but those who have no problem stealing another’s intellectual work and try to pass it off as their own work are deceptive and, in my opinion, a thief---and no, it’s not complimentary to the original author. Attribution is complimentary and it’s the proper, ethical way, so anyone with an ounce of morality would follow the proper protocol.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Investigating blogs for plagiarism is long, hard work. I’ve been helping with this tedious task and during my research a few new/fake blogs have popped up. I know the MO because they look and read exactly like the others I’ve been researching. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that these new/fake blogs are following the same pattern as the old/fake blogs. They have set patterns, ones I won’t get into here because it could jeopardize the on-going investigation. However, I want to let everyone know about one of these new/fake blogs.

But before I do that I want every blogger to know that I am in no way trying to stifle freedom of speech. I just want to stop the plagiarizing of other’s work. Stealing is wrong. And if anyone knows anything about plagiarism, it normally goes hand in hand with copyright violation. So, the person who is setting up these fake blogs can continue his/her real blog, just stop with the fake blogs.

Without further ado:

Grandma ZaZa's Opinion is a fake blog. I know this because her persona was taken from Yahoo Answers. She can’t be reached by either IM or email and has no real picture. It was easy after that to set up a blog using her name, post 27 blog posts in a matter of 8 days, and then proceed to visit other communities and write comments to try and prove she was real. Grandma ZaZa is in fact real, but the blog Grandma ZaZa is not, because 20 out of 27 posts have been stolen from other sources all over the internet—sources that the other fake blogs I have been researching also used for plagiarizing. Coincidence? (You tell me if 98 fake blogs are coincidence.) Also read the foul language that Grandma uses in her posts. A woman doesn’t normally use such language—a man, however, does.

Here is a complete list of the blog posts that Grandma ZaZa has stolen. You be the judge:

Grandma's 1st post was stolen from here.

Her 2nd post was taken from here, comments #17 by tootsiepie and #18 by Bad Dog.

Grandma's post titled: More Typical Liberal Crap was stolen from the comments of Peace through blinding force and bill at this site.

Three months ago on Yahoo Answers the real Grandma ZaZa answers a question about the Ground Zero Mosque. The fake ZaZa not only cuts and pastes that answer onto her blog but also James' answer as well to produce this blog post.

It appears that Grandma is a bit senile because she can't even come up with one sentence on her own as she needed Northcal Foothill Rich's comment for this post!

Now she's getting more daring, stealing the article plus comment by billyc for this post.

BEWARE bloggers this post was taken from a disgusting blog called Obama is a bitch. The blog is not set up with individual blog titles but by date and this post was taken from the one dated 9/12/10 posted by blog1713. Again, read at your own discretion, the posts are long and the language extremely foul. A lady, not to mention grandmother, wouldn't want to read this let alone use that kind of language! (faggots? Really, Grandma??)

Grandma's Why Did Obama Change the Name of 9/11 was taken from Sharing Answers.

Too bad Grandma ZaZa doesn't have a Moment of Rare Honesty herself, because she was actually on this forum but chose to steal American Mom's comment #9 instead!

Grandma feels that Al Gore and global warming are a hoax, and therefore bad, but has no problem being a hoax herself as she copies from this site and pastes it onto her blog and passes it off as her own work.

ZaZa is not stupid and knows that even if you add or remove a few words, it's still plagiarism.

Maybe Grandma got confused with this post. After all ZaZa and janjan are two names pasted together and aren't we starting to see that ZaZa might be addicted to paste!

This is an Interesting Perspective, Grandma stole it from Steve.

Here we have Libertyship46's comment used for this post.

Grandma tried to pull a fast one, but I'm a sleuth, so I found it. On Oct 16th she posted on Yahoo Answers to make it look like her blog post from Oct 17th wasn't stolen from RacerJim's comment posted on October 14th @ 10:09 am. My goodness, so much time wasted trying not to look fake.

Here's another where she adds and removes words from comments by USARetired and Lumpy1 's, but it's still plagiarism.

This post she actually pieces together 3 comments from this site. See LynnS, comment #13, JD, comment #3, and Jack, comment #1. Talk about work! Wouldn't it be easier to just write your own post?

Oh it's lame, alright. When you have to copy from felixthe, comment #15, and try to pass it off as your own blog post!

Now this post took extra, extra work. It was copied from 2 sites. The first here plus comment by buffpilot and the second here comments #8 by 101ABN and #11 by Whitehall. Again, it would be easier to razz on Mrs. Obama using your own words, don't you think? Or maybe Grandma ZaZa has no original thoughts in her 55 year young head.

And finally we have Grandma's latest post about Whoppi and Joy Behar. Guess where she got that post? From Matthew's comment here.

There you have it, the evidence. As I said, I don't want to stifle any free speech. But how dare anyone steal someone's intellectual work or comments and pass them off as an original blog post? What is wrong with this person?