Saturday, November 13, 2010


Suzy’s Thoughts was created in November of 2009. She used the (*) and the (#) in her profile, just like Bob and Lulu-- the copycat! She used to live in Louisiana, but moved to New York with her husband, who is retired from the Navy, and she’s very proud of him. Like duh, what’s she gonna say, I’m very disappointed in him for serving? Who else served in the military? Oh, yeah, Bob! Remember that fake blog? I do declare that Bob and Yankee are also from…New York! I wonder if they all live in the same neighborhood. It would make it easy to borrow computer ink…I mean sugar. I also wonder if Suzy likes Gumbo, being a Louisianan and all. Grandma ZaZa likes Gumbo.

Oh, sorry, got off track. Back to Suzy, the star of this post.

Suzy wrote, and I use that term lightly, 19 posts, and from what I’ve found, 11 of them were plagiarized. Oh, boy! I’m shocked. And guess what? The posting dates were altered! Bet you had no idea, huh? She started the fake blog in November, as I said, and plopped 10 posts onto it on November 27th, and changed all the dates. She then wrote (Ha, that’s too funny -- now I’m cracking myself up) 9 posts for 2010; 6 on January 7th and 3 on May 13th. And yes, you’re right if you think the dates were altered.

Suzy must want everyone to believe she’s magical, because she created her blog in November, but her 1st post reads October 2nd 2009! I guess that would work for stupid people. However, we aren’t schmucks, because Suzy hasn’t
Done Anything except cheat and went as far as stealing this post from the site moms like me; article by nettielbeck and comment by dooleymom.

post complaining about how Obama received the Nobel Peace prize is a price unto itself, because she didn’t even come up with the words all by her little self. Nope, she lifted them from News Busters’ site, comment by jessieH. Of course she has it showing it was posted on October 9th, but the RSS Feed tells a different story, November 27th is the real date.

Suzy was certainly awake for
this post! It was lifted from Maddox Xmission’s site, where the author obviously doesn’t like blogs, yet has a blog?? Lil Suzy used Maddox’s Blogging Community definition for her post title. Her 1st sentence was taken from Maddox’s Blogumentary definition and her 2nd sentence was lifted from his very 1st paragraph. She even ended her post with Thank you, just like Maddox’s first sentence! Plus we’ve all heard the saying it takes a village to raise a kid, or the one that Suzy used, an idiot. Ha ha, very original there Suzy. Maybe next time use your own phrase—oh, my so bad! I’m talking about a plagiarizer here! How dare I ask for original work!

Oh Suzy, Suzy, if only you had a
plan. You know, to link when you lifted from the American Thinker and its author Jerry Philipson. Hmm, just like the other 7 fake bloggers--cut and paste and give no attribution. Flattery, folks? Complimentary? Or just plain theft?

I do not think Suzy is smarter than a 5th grader. She
wrote: As yet there is nothing to the credit of Mr. Obama even to think of considering him for a neobel prize. Um, what is a neobel prize? I looked up neo in the dictionary and it means new; bel is a unit of power ratio. So, should we not consider President Obama for a prize for new units of power ratio? When and where did that prize start anyway? Oh, maybe over in chine! Um, not to be dumb, but where is chine? I’m pretty good at Geography, but I’m having a heck of a time finding that on the globe! Maybe I should ask Rufus (#6) and Mitha (#15), since that’s whose comments Suzy used to create her post—spelling errors and all!

Now this is just pathetic. It’s a Thanksgiving wish
post and Suzy couldn’t even come up with her own words for that! I mean really, how difficult is it to wish someone a Happy Thanksgiving? Obviously for Suzy, very, because she stole hers from the Gay Patriot. Again, pathetic.

Looks like Suzy plagiarized yet again. Her
8th post was lifted from the Gay Patriot (imagine that), this time she stole the article by Daniel Blatt and comment #7 by Spartann. The same pattern as the other fake blogs--sometimes just comments, then sometimes the article and a few comments. So, is there a fake blogging 101 course or do we have one face behind these 8 fake blogs?
Well It Happened Again! Suzy cut and pasted an article onto her blog and gave absolutely no credit whatsoever to the original source. Considering all we know about Suzy and her manipulation of posting dates and pilfering of comments, and articles, can we even entertain the idea that she might not know about attribution? Or do we assume she's just plain stupid? How about guilty as sin of being a plagiarizer? I'll take door number 3, Monty!

Now to me,
this is really egregious. Not only has it been plagiarized and the copyright violated, but it was done to someone many of us know! Ken Taylor of The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth (his July 12th post at the very bottom of the page). Plus, it was a post Ken did on his birthday and Suzy didn’t even have the decency to plagiarize the entire post! Nope, she just chopped it up—dumped the first paragraph altogether (guess because Ken mentioned his birthday) then she proceeded to cut and paste the next 6 paragraphs, but eliminated the remaining 9. How dare she be a persnickety plagiarizer and to one of our own! Warning folks, Ken Taylor is not the only one within the community who has been violated. Maybe now those who don’t think this is such a big deal might think it’s more important. But then again, if you’re a sucky writer with an even suckier blog—no harm, no foul, right?
Calling All plagiarizers! You will be caught! Just like lil Suzy, who changed her post date to January 3rd in order to pretend she posted before the original author, Charles Hurt, who wrote the article for the New York Post on January 7th @ 3:08 am. According to the RSS Feed, Suzy actually posted hers on January 7th @ 2:18:06 pm. The lengths these cheats will go to in order to look legit! But when we get out our magnifying glass, we can see they are as fake as acrylic finger nails!

Good Golly, Suzy can’t even give credit to a
poll! Nope, she had to cut and paste and pretend it was hers! This chick has issues. I mean come on. What blogger hasn’t used other sources for their blog posts? I’ll go out on a limb and say 100%. But they give attribution!

So why didn’t Grandma, Con, Bob, Yankee, Lulu, American, Voice and Suzy
not bother to use links or give credit? Why did they deliberately cut and paste and pretend those posts were theirs? I’m guessing because it’s 1 person trying to pass off dozens of blogs as his/her own and the best way to get a ton of posts is to cut and paste them as fast as you can so you can fill a blog and make it look active. I could be wrong, but Suzy is now the 8th in the series and I have 90 more to go—all just like the others. Coincidence? You tell me...


  1. Hi Sleuth. Great work on this fake blog.

    I did discover that the photo "Suzy" used is a photo of a not-so-well-know C&W singer, Suzy Bogguss. Seriously. That's her name!

    Hmmmm. Another fake blog, and what a coinkydink! This fake persona is ALSO once lived in Louisiana! And now lives in New York!

    I think you're on to something, Sleuth!

    BTW, another blog called "Anaconda Mans Adventure" is closed to only invited guests. And "manofwonder" has shut down completely.

    Busy. Busy. Busy.

    You've hit it out of the park again with this in depth report on another fraud.

  2. Shaw: Thanks for the heads up on Suzy Bogguss! But seriously now...that can't be coincidental! Do you think the fake blogger possibly did that accidentally on purpose?

    After you, Lista and Pamela ganged up on poor Man of Wonder, it's no wonder (no pun) he shut down! lol!

    Thanks for the compliment! Get ready for fake blog #9! Coming very soon!