Sunday, November 14, 2010


Our 1oth fake blog in the series is Being Right, who created his blog in May of 2009, plopped 5 posts onto it; 3 on May 14th and 2 on May 16th, and then abandoned it. His profile picture is of Jake Gyllenhaal, the actor, and have a gander at where he lives! No, not Jake, you sillies! We know he lives in LA, I meant Being Right! If you said New York, you can advance to Go and collect $200 dollars--of course it’s fake, just like this blog!

Good ‘ole Jake, let’s call him that because I kinda like the name, k? Anyway, Jake’s About Me doesn’t say anything; however, he has a sidebar on his blog that was lifted straight from the
Angry Patriot’s site, which was created way back in December of 2007! It ought to be interesting to see if the Angry Patriot really is angry once he receives my email on the plagiarism and copyright infringement of his blog, or if those little tidbits set him off.

The first post is about the
Fairness Doctrine and Jake altered his post date to reflect May 1st, when it was actually May 14th. He also lifted the entire post from Pajamas Media, comment #1 from D-Wah. It’s getting oh so boring right about now-- we could recite these patterns in our sleep!

Will Jake
Apologize for plagiarizing from Pajamas Media, yet again? This time he lifted part of the article by John Rosenthal and comment #9 by Another Chuck. Oh, I highly doubt any apology is forthcoming, because we all know by now that these fake bloggers have absolutely no moral fiber whatsoever, let alone manners!

3rd post is rather strange, not the post, well yeah that too, but I mean how it all comes together. The first paragraph was lifted from Kevin O’Brien of the Cleveland Opinion, no big surprise there, as we’ve seen these fake bloggers lift from plenty of sites. The 2nd half of the post, however, was lifted from the comment section of Progressive Eruptions, a Liberal blog, but the comment was supposedly written by a Conservative blogger by the name of Beth. Now here’s where it gets strange, there is a Beth who has a blog called 5ft 3. Now, if you click the profile of this so-called Beth, who left the comments at Progressive Eruptions, there is no blog attached to her profile, which was created April of 2009. If you go to the Beth who has the blog called 5ft 3, there is the same profile picture, but the profile that is attached has a completely different blogger profile identity number than the so-called Beth who left the comments, and this Beth created her profile back in August of 2005. Many questions arise from this situation, but one fact is certain, this so-called Beth person plagiarized from our Jake here, because this Beth person deleted her comments, however, Shaw at Progressive Eruptions has kept the deletions intact in the comment section so you can see when they were initially posted, which was May 15th 2009 and our Jake wrote his blog post on May 14th 2009, according to the RSS Feed. So, is this so-called Beth a plagiarizer or is Beth really Jake? And what about the real Beth over at 5ft 3? How does she feel about this? Was her profile hijacked? Or is she really the same Beth that posted over at Progressive Eruptions, hence the one who plagiarized from Jake? Again, for those who think it’s no big deal about fake blogs, think again, because it's dishonest actions like this that can harm a person's reputation!

So there you have the 10th fake blog in our series. Being Right, or Jake, for the profile picture he hijacked. Whacha think, folks?

The 11th in our series is on its way!

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  1. Hey Sleuth.
    I just read in my local paperabout a lawyer getting jail in Dead Sea Scrolls case.

    He used online aliases to harass people in an academic debate about the Dead SEa Scrolls.

    Raphael Golb was the guy's name.

    This was from AP.

    While I don't really care if some lonely idiot from Long Beach NY is sitting in his basement giggling about all the blogs he's created, the threat of some type of legal action against this nutcase does amuse me.