Sunday, November 14, 2010


Golly, where to start with PSI Bond. I guess I’ll start with when he created his fake blog. It was October of 2009 when he plopped 13 posts onto it; 3 on Nov 10th, 4 on Nov 11th, 4 on Nov 12th, 1 on Nov 16th and 1 on Dec 23rd. He didn’t post again until April 21st of 2010, and then he completely abandoned the blog. Good riddance, considering he stole his About Me from the Free Republic where St Louis Conservative posted: I'm tired of hearing the refrain...."the GOP is dead"....and "the country is going down the tubes the way of Western European socialist countries". I'm sorry, I won't accept that. And comment #2 wrote: The Republican party can come back in a big way, if they’ll just return to first principles. All PSI Bond had to do was add that he was a husband, father and proud soldier who served his country, because what else would he have served? Coffee? Your guess is as good as mine considering we have no clue what the PSI stands for. We can guess though, and it could be fun!

He said he was in the military, you know, like Suzy’s husband, so maybe PSI is an abbreviation for Platoon Sector Indicator, or Personnel Security Investigation. Oh wait, he has Bond after the PSI. Bond! Oh my gosh! Like 007! He could’ve been a Spy, but he can’t tell us that because it could place him and his family in great peril, so he’s gave us a clue! That must be it! He’s a James Bond and PSI means Pretty Special Investigator! And boy is he ever special!

Yeah, PSI is so special that he felt he could steal his profile picture from
Father Charles Liteky, the 1968 Congressional Medal of Honor winner. Father Liteky was a Catholic Chaplin who served in our Army during the Vietnam War and received the Medal of Honor because of his exceptional valor for saving lives while under fire. PSI had the disgusting audacity to steal this honorable man’s picture and pass it off as his own! But to some it’s no big deal that these fake blogs exist. Oh sure, it's no big deal that some schmuck has impersonated Father Liteky, a man of honor, and this schmuck, PSI Bond, hijacked his identity for a fake blog where he stole other people’s intellectual work and wrote what he believed—not what Father Liteky believed. That is just repugnant! And anyone with an ounce of decency would see it exactly like that, unless it is the person who has pilfered, not only the picture, but the articles as well--meaning, the fake blogger!

Okay, I think I’m finished with my tangent.

PSI's 1st post,
ObamaCare, was actually posted on November 11th @ 5:39:23 pm, but PSI altered the date to reflect Oct 11th. He also didn’t write this post (no surprise there!) he lifted it from Cyber Geezer, who wrote it in Hot Air's comment section on November 11th @ 12:52 pm. It’s quite possible that PSI changed his posting date because Cyber Geezer (who also has a blog of his own) was the original writer and PSI wanted to hide his tracks—a tactic the other fake blogs used when they stole someone else’s work.

2nd post was plagiarized. Geez, I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. Oh, and it too was pilfered from Hot Air’s comment section! Guess PSI likes that site, eh? See comment page #2, comment by mtb on Oct 1st @ 10:01 am, and Jeanie @ 4:54 pm, then shoot on over to comment page #1, for canopfor on Sept 3oth @ 10:17 pm. Like, wow, lots of work for a whopping 6 sentences without proper sentence structure! Do these fake bloggers even bother to spell check? Heck, do they even bother to read what they’ve stolen? I’m going out on a limb and state for the record that PSI isn’t smarter than a 5th grader either!
It’s frightening how many posts have been pilfered from the American Thinker! They must have a list of favs and the American Thinker is in their top 5! Because PSI lifted the comments by Average Joe and JoeSwiss to create this post, in which he altered the date to reflect Oct 22nd rather than the original RSS Feed date of November 12th. If I had to go through so much trouble to hide what I was doing, I think I’d have to stop. I don’t believe it would be worth it! Especially considering they abandon these blogs after a few short months of creating them!

These fake bloggers just don’t stop with the disgusting theft and egregious actions. PSI’s
Veteran’s Day wish post was…yep, you guessed it…stolen! Can you even believe it? Oh, now that was a dumb question, huh? Of course you can! I’ve been displaying theft after theft and dishonorable action after dishonorable action, why should Veteran’s Day be exempt from these thieves? PSI goes on about how Veteran’s Day means: Honor and Respect to him. He goes on to say that he’s retired now but would do it all over again if he could. Well, words are just that…words, especially if they aren’t yours! Check out this site where Debbie Taylor, retired MS1 from the Navy, wrote her feelings about Veterans Day: To me, Veterans Day means; Honor, Respect, and the price we pay or have paid to keep our country free. Those who serve have great respect for our country or they would have never volunteered to protect those who have been left behind. I myself am a Veteran of the United States Navy and I proudly served. I have been retired now for nearly 12 years. If I could do it all over again I would to help protect and serve our great country. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! and GOD BLESS those who have served and are now serving in our Armed Forces. HAPPY VETERANS DAY to each and everyone. -MS1 Debra J. Taylor (USNRET) ' How interesting. PSI Bond just changed Navy to Army and switched proudly served to served proudly. It’s still plagiarism and in the most disgusting form. He stole it from a Veteran! But Veteran’s Day means honor and respect to him? You’ve got to be kidding me! He doesn’t honor or respect a dog-gone person! He’s a thief and a schmuck! He’s also disgusting—stealing not only a Medal of Honor winner’s photo but now one of our honorable military Veteran’s memories and trying to pass it off as his own because he can’t even come up with something nice to say to our military men and women in his own words. Like I said—disgusting.
Sad, but true, but maybe it’s time to close this blog, PSI, since you stole it from the American Thinker, yet again. Except this time you took part of Michael Filozof’s article along with comments by Geoffry Britian, Sherry, DaveT and the last line in Ret. Marine’s comment. The entire post is how PSI is a hawkish, pro-military Vietnam Vet, but really it was Mr. Filozof’s personality, and how PSI thinks we should surrender in Afghanistan—does PSI even know where Afghanistan is located? I have serious doubts, considering I believe he’s dumber than a 5th grader with about as much decency as a snail.
Great Job, PSI Clown, who stole this one from the Gay Patriot! No new news there. But gosh, lots of work, comment #1 by Straight Aussie, #11 by Ted B, #21 by heliotrope, #5 by Anonny-nonny and then back to the last sentence in comment #1 by Straight Aussie just to create one post! Guess PSI isn’t such a Pretty Special Investigator after all! It didn’t take me all that long to peg him for a dishonest, lying, cheating, thieving fake blogger! How about you?

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  1. Another incredible investigation and exposure of a fraud!

    This is another blog by possibly the same hack who's been infecting the blogsphere with astro-crap, hoping no one will catch on to his chicanery.

    He must be a shut-in. Who else would have the time to surf the internet and steal other people's identities and work?

    Great work. Again!