Thursday, November 4, 2010


Voice of Reason is an original old/fake blog created back in October of 2008. He has a profile but it doesn't tell us where he lives, although we know he likes Casablanca, The Player, Mary Poppins, Pulp Fiction, On the Waterfront, and The Godfather. He's a music lover, too, from Mozart to the Bee Gees! Other than that, we know zilch. Well, we know he plagiarized 8 out of 15 posts, so we know he's a thief and his blog is full of the same patterns as the others I've described.

In 2008 Voice’s archives show that he wrote 5 blog posts; 1 in July, 1 in August and 3 in October. However, he actually posted all 5 of them on October 17th of 2008—within minutes of each other! (12:56pm, 12:58pm, 1:00pm, 1:04pm) It doesn’t appear that he lifted those 5 posts, so maybe he was trying really hard to behave—after all, it was early on!

Voice didn’t bother to post anything for 2009, but did write…and cut and paste, 10 posts in 2010, and the dates, of course, were altered.

Voice is Obviously Dumber than he realized because he lifted that post from Right Pundits’ Shannon Bell and broke copyright laws along with plagiarizing! But I’m sure Ms. Bell won’t take offense, after all, it’s flattery and heck, what serious author wants links to their intellectual work anyway!

It’s the same story, Voice lifted this post from sodahead, comment by dmac. These guys are so predictable, aren’t they? And this is only the 7th fake blog!

Voice Lied when he pretended this was his post. He pilfered it from the Gay Patriot's site, comment #1 by Gene in Pennsylvania. At least these guys are consistent.

Voice should be Poised for a Fight if Jan Crawford finds out he not only stole her post but he also violated copyright laws and I’m sure CBS News won’t be too happy about that. Do these fake bloggers even give a hoot about breaking the law? I guess we’ll find out once these authors learn of the deception, law breaking and unscrupulous conduct.

We can safely assume that Voice is nothing but opportunistic certified plagiarizer because he stole this post from The Spectator’s site, comment by Bill Husein O’Stalin 6/29/10 @ 7:52 am. Voice’s post date reads June 6th, but the RSS Feed is July 6th; I’m sure he altered the date because Bill’s original comment was posted way before good ‘ole Voice’s, but Voice didn’t want anyone to catch on to that pesky little fact.

Voice criticized Michael Steele in this post, saying he’s not very clever and he was a bad choice. Guess Voice thought he was being clever—not! He went to the Gay Patriot and grabbed comment #2, by Michelle, and the last line of comment #4, by darkeyedresolve (who has a blog) and created a blog post! No, not very clever at all there, Voice!

Take your time with this post because it was originally a list of 20 things wrong with the US economy, but Voice grabbed #4 and plopped it down as a blog post. Original, huh?

I think Voice should be escorted through cyberspace for stealing from Vickie McClure Davidson from the Frugal CafĂ© blog, oh and comment #1 by AFVET. By the looks of Ms. McClure Davidson’s blog, it appears she puts a lot of hard work, effort and intellectual work into her blog, and it’s a damn shame her work was stolen by this fake blogger. I highly doubt she will think this is complimentary in any way shape or form. Serious authors don’t find it anything but wrong, unscrupulous and downright illegal.

Okay, there you have the 7th blog in the fake blog series. Gosh, by the time I get to the 20th blog we’ll all be fake blogging pros! Think the fake blogger will give us a job? Does it pay? And if so, how much? Would we have to submit a resume? What am I thinking! We just have to Google a profile, cut and paste it, then find some comments we like, cut and paste those and slap them onto a new blog and volia! We’re ready to go! Oh, and we mustn’t forget a profile picture, preferably one from an overseas advertising site. That way we’ll look average and people will think we’re real. Then we need to find some real blogs to leave comments on and we need to cut and paste those comments, heck, who needs real comments when we can go to the Gay Patriot or The Spectator, they’ve got lots of comments we can flatter!

Y’all know I’m jesting. I just wanted to lighten it up a bit, because this is just so pathetic. Well, until my next fake blog…


  1. i confess, i am a sleuth addict looking for the next fix...

    granny says she is closing down for lack of comments...

  2. Dave: I've been researching, but will post tomorrow.

    Also, a really big find is sure to add some excitement around here!