Wednesday, June 29, 2016


We couldn’t get lucky and have every troll and fake blogger take a long walk off a short pier. That would be too easy, but certainly not as much fun!

Trolls think they are sneaky and can hide behind numerous blogger id’s and profiles. But I’m here to tell you, a few minutes of sleuthing and voila, you find this:

Get It Right, who posts a lot on a blog called Who’s Your Daddy, posted this comment which was spoofed from this website by someone named NAT4900.

Then there’s Anita Says It Right who posted on Who’s Your Daddy but the comment was taken from this website by ArKay99.

And again with Speak Your Mind who also posted at Who’s Your Daddy but the comment was found on Cynthia Sees It Right’s blog.

We have Get It Right, Anita Says It Right and Cynthia Sees It Right. 

See the pattern? And I’ve only just begun to sleuth!