Saturday, October 23, 2010


Conservative16 is another blog we need to be wary of, because it plagiarizes and violates copyright laws, too. It follows the same patterns as the other old/fake blogs I have been investigating and he went onto a forum and borrowed the persona of Conservative16, set up a blog and then began posting on communities and boards within the last month. He did that after commenting at Pamela Hart’s place and she called him a troll because he had no profile. He told her he wasn't a troll because he’s been posting on forums for 3 years, but Pamela told him if he's been posting for so long then he could at least have a cartoonish picture and profile. Soon after that, viola, he not only had a cartoonish picture and profile but an entire blog-- with over 20 posts!

first post is none other than his first comment when he joined Republican Operative on October 3rd, however, it was compiled from comments from a dating site using ready4mingle, tileman1814, purelight2 and scarmars’ comments. (Tip: Only read the comments at the dating site because if you click the profiles you won't be able to get back in without signing up. I had to use another computer because I was looking closely at ready4mingle's picture??)

2nd post looked authentic until I noticed halfway down he added to his other Conservative16's post using Lucianne's site with comments by thecatalyst, #3, MikeyVa, #5, vwlarry, #8 and chance232, #11, but the most bizarre part is this: Just as Sherman rolled through the South and destroyed his enemies ability to fight, we must defeat every Democrat and destroy the party forever if we are to save the future of our children, which is the first line of Chuck Wolf’s article. What the heck! Isn’t that a lot of work?

Con16’s post dates are, well, conned. Take his 3rd post, it says it was posted on Oct 3rd, but if you put the blog into your RSS Feed, you’ll see that the actual date was Oct 6, 2010 @ 7:46:03 am. My guess is he was trying to pretend he wrote posts earlier or later than he actually did, either to try to throw off the path of plagiarism or to pretend his blog was older than it is, because there are other blog post dates that don’t jive with the RSS Feed either. A pattern that the old/fake blogs used quite often, by the way.

But back to the
3rd post. It was taken from 2 sources. Comments used from here, ReconJihad and MsCharlotteVale. Then he actually used the line: The reason that Palestinians love terrorism is because they have never had to pay a real price for killing Jews, which was taken directly from Caroline Glick’s article. I wonder if Ms. Glick would consider this “flattery”. I think I shall send her an email and ask her. Along with quite a few other authors, whose intellectual work has been, ah, flattered. Should be very interesting to hear their answer, don’t ya think?
This, ladies and gentlemen, about knocked me for a loop. Con16 took comments by udanja99, #11, and farmwife, #7, again from Lucianne, and posted them as a blog post, plus he posted them at Republican Operative! Guess he’s not content plagiarizing comments only one time now! Is plagiarizing addicting? Is there a plagiarizing anonymous? Hello, I’m Grandma ZaZa…I mean Conservative16 and I’m a Plagiarizer...oops, I mean Flatterer.

Maybe it wasn’t
plagiarism, but then again, maybe it was! Yep, I’m sure it was considering Con16 used Soggy in Nola’s comments @ 8:10am & 8:35am, then Closed Caption’s comment @ 8:48am, and then back to Soggy in Nola’s comment @ 8:35am to finish it off. Great balls of fire Batman! If he’s not getting paid for this he should be! It’s work with a capital W!
Let’s face it folks, Con16 is a picky plagiarizer! On this post he used comments by nunyadb and PSRPlayer, however, nunyadb’s comment actually read like this: Let's face it folks, it was time for a black President. Past time actually. Con16 decided to chop that up and instead wrote: Let's face it folks, it was a black President that they voted for, nothing more than that! Hmm, why didn't Con16 keep the exact phrase about being due for a black President, it didn't offend his Republican values, did it?

If you ask me, Con16
cannot be trusted because again he went on Republican Operative and posted a comment that he plagiarized from Lucianne’s site, Txknitter, reply #1, original article by Photoonist, and Bulletthole, reply #7.

Con16 worked really hard on
this post. He took ReconJihad’s original article & comment, Richwill, reply #2, Attercliffe, #4, postaway, #17, and Bulletthole, #18, from Lucianne’s site and posted them as his blog post. Then he went to Republican Operative and left it as a comment, proceeded to Caroline Glick’s site and left the same comment yet again! Ms. Glick’s article was dated Sept 3rd and the comment previous to Con’s was Sept 13th. I can only guess that Con left additional comments because he was trying to hide his plagiarism, however, Lucianne’s site is definitely the first place, its date is 10/6 @ 4:00am; Conservative16's blog post @ 7:46am, Republican Operative is next @ 9:03am and Glick’s site @ 9:11am.

Here we have comment #3 by FoxFan and the 1st sentence of comment #5 by bramsey41 to produce this blog post. I guess I can’t say it enough, too much work, just use your own words for the sake of Pete—oops, I mean Bulletthole... oops... I mean, I mean FoxFan…

Here’s a
doozie. Con takes badkarma’s comment #24, his very own comment #11 (can you believe it!) then…Malcontent’s comment at the end of the AP story which Malcontent posted at the beginning of the forum. Here’s the quote: I Love how the AP goes after the Less-Educated when they don't get in Line with the Party...At least you guys are Predictable! Call 'em Stupid, AP!... That will get them back in Line with the DemocRATS! Hmm, wonder if Malcontent minds the flattery.

Don’t Blame Me I only found that Con cut and pasted it from kimmykaye’s comment!

I think Conservative16
needs to be more tolerant of plagiarism and copyright laws, because the first part of this post was all over the net, yet he gave absolutely no link or attribution. Heck, the post reads, I am perplexed… it is deceptive! He’s purposely making it sound like he is perplexed! What is so difficult about links? Attribution? Hat tips? Unless you are purposely trying to deceive! He lifted the second part of his post from qlxlqatl’s comment #10. Well, there you have it, he truly has no problem with plagiarism. But hey, isn’t that what I’ve been proving over and over and over and over?
Three sentences but Con still had to pilfer jswnwv’s comment #16!

It’s safe to assume that Con16 won’t be
the Greatest blogger ever if he continues to lift posts, like this one from Doug Giles at Town Hall. Hey, Dougie, it’s flattery, don’t ya know!

Touble With Con16 is, he’s a plagiarizer and a deceiver. This post is 54 words long and 27 of them were lifted from buffpilot’s 38 word comment #1, posted here on Oct 8th @ 7:22 am. Con’s post says it was posted on Oct 8th @ 4:49am, which would mean he posted it first, but if you put it in your RSS Feed, you’ll see he messed with the dates yet again. His blog post was really posted on Oct 19th @ 5:38:38 pm. I believe this tells us he was trying to hide the fact that he stole buffpilot’s comment, which was posted first!

The problem with plagiarism is you end up getting caught. Like here, Con lifted it from Jeff Hickey’s comment.

But wait there’s more!

Conservative16 tells
The Truth About Glenn Beck using freelance author Christian Toto’s article for Human Events. Maybe Mr. Toto will think it’s flattery! Heck, there’s got to be at least one author who will think that…right? I’ll shoot him off an email and find out.

Here we have Con16’s post about
Love Between Hollywood and Obama. It’s been pilfered from none other than Obama is a bitch! Now where have we heard that before? Oh, yeah, Grandma ZaZa reads that blog! Hmm, all the years I’ve been reading and posting on the internet and I only found that disgusting blog because I came across 2 personas who just happen to have started new blogs within the last month and both have close to 30 posts in a span of a few weeks because they plagiarized those from comments and articles from, volia, the same sources, one of which is Obama is a bitch, but neither comment on this blog and neither have it listed in their blogroll. It’s a coincidence, I’m sure. Or maybe Grandma took Conservative16 under her grandmotherly wing and told him all about that disgusting blog, because that’s what nice grandmothers do, right? Oh, wait, Con16 doesn’t have an email listed. Grandma has ESP-- that’s it. Oh, sorry, got off track. You be the judge of how this all fits together, I already know because I’m privy to 98 other blogs with the same MO’s. But, here’s the link for the Obama is a bitch, and like I said before, read at your own discretion. The last half of Con16’s post was lifted from the first part of Deborah White’s article. But it’s flattery, don’t forget!
Anyone who has a brain wouldn’t want to read Obama is a bitch, but, Con16 did it again! Except this time he used two articles from that gross site to produce his blog post! Here and here. It’s such a gross, disgusting blog and if I weren’t investigating this you couldn’t get me to read that blog for any price! So, trust me on this folks, he did plagiarize it, don’t pollute your eyes unless you really have to.

Another short
blog post, but it was still lifted using exposingsocialistmed’s comment.

has once again demonstrated poor judgment when he pilfered GaGardener’s and Jan’s comments to produce that blog post.

I think the road Conservative16 wants to go down is unethical when he plagiarized
comment #2 by Molah to make this blog post and proceeded to change the date once again from Oct 19th, according to the RSS Feed, to Oct 18th.

This last post,
Why Do Some People Have Trouble With Obama, is virtually the same as the one titled The Trouble With Obama Is, which we have already determined was plagiarized from Lucianne’s site, comment by buffpilot. Recycling plagiarized posts isn’t normally done on the same blog—but I guess there’s always a first.

Well, there you have it. Out of 33 blog posts, posted between Oct 5th and Oct 19th, 23 of them were plagiarized, and quite a few of those from the very same sites that Grandma ZaZa used. Coincidence? I’ll let you be the judge.

I’d also like to clarify something. When I use the term fake blog, I don’t mean fake as in they don’t exist. I mean they aren’t written using the blog owner’s own words. They are fake in my eyes because they are making up personas and compiling their blog posts by plagiarizing articles and comments of others—without any attribution of any kind.

I am also not a professional investigator. I am a real person using Sleuth as a nic-name to help with this investigation, because I believe in right and wrong, and plagiarism is wrong.

Freedom of speech is very important, so I am not trying to shut down anyone who uses his or her own words or uses proper links, etc., but those who have no problem stealing another’s intellectual work and try to pass it off as their own work are deceptive and, in my opinion, a thief---and no, it’s not complimentary to the original author. Attribution is complimentary and it’s the proper, ethical way, so anyone with an ounce of morality would follow the proper protocol.


  1. Nice work Sleuth... we will await the next installment...

  2. Amazingly detailed work! I went to Con16's blog and asked about these documented accusations. All he/she does is redirect the comments to something not related to what you've uncovered, then he calls liberals names.

    It's useless to try to engage people who deceive and cheat. But thank for exposing the fraud.

  3. Con knows that 5ft 3 shut her blog down for family reasons and Jennifer for personal reasons. He's trying so hard to get the heat off himself because he's guilty as sin and knows it. He's right on one account though, none of us can shut him down. But Blogger can once the real author's report him. He needs to realize copyright laws have been violated and that is in direct violation to Blogger's terms and agreements.