Thursday, October 28, 2010


Here we have LULU’S Back in Town. It was created April of 2009 and only had 2 posts before it was abandoned. Both were posted in April and both dates were manipulated. The RSS Feed states that the 1st post date is April 11th, but Lulu changed it to April 8th and the 2nd post’s Feed states it was posted April 11th but Lulu changed that one to April 9th.

first post was lifted from quite a few comments from Pajamas Media’s comment section. Let’s see, it starts with comment #3 by David Thomson, and proceeds with #14 by AThinkingPerson, #36 by TheMightyMonarch, #12 by Terry Gain, #6 by Adina Kutnicki, #7 by gboisjo and finishes with #8 by Carl. Wow! Lots of stolen comments for one post! I’m thinking it would be easier to write just your own post, but hey, what do I know?

Now, the
2nd post doesn’t appear to be plagiarized. Which is kind of a relief. Lulu wrote: Bush would have ordered the bombing of terrorist camps in Somalia until there was nothing but creators left in that country...but our "New" president is a coward, we need leadership and to hell with consensus approval, we should be leading the world, not bowing down to it. Oh, for the good old days.
I don’t know about you, but I’m relieved that bombing terrorists’ camps in Somalia doesn’t produce more creators! I’d rather have craters if we’re going to start bombing willy-nilly, but hey, that’s just me. It’s a good thing Lulu didn’t steal that post because if someone else thinks the way she does, good golly, I’d be nervous!

We don't know if Lulu really looks like that or where good ole Lulu lives. We do know that she uses (*) and (#) in her Favorite Movies and Music. We also notice some of the same Followers as some of the other fake blogs. Hmm, should make for interesting upcoming posts.


  1. Sleuth, i am not sure if you are like a page turner yarn, or a fine wine...

    Either way, you get better each day!

  2. Thank you, Dave. Although there is a down side to this, if there weren't plagiarizers I'd have nothing to write!

  3. Wow! Lulu sounds like so many other fake bloggers. Is it me? Or am I on to something--perhaps there is only one person setting up these fake blogs and abandoning them?

    The misspellings, the horrible grammar, the plagiarizing of other people's work? Masque anyone?

    Could it be...? Oh, never mind.


  4. the bombing of terrorist camps in Somalia until there was nothing but creators left

    This is the wonderful thing about computer spell-check programs. Illiterate people still make just as many mistakes, but at least now the mistakes are funny.

    Great job bringing these fakes to light. I don't think you're going to run out of work any time soon.