Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Alrighty, here we have a pretty American girl…or do we?

According to American Yankee’s blog, she created it December 2009, but didn’t begin posting until February 2010. Okay, no biggie, so far.

“About Me” says:

I've enjoyed my career as an artist for about 30 years. I have many interests and love to challenge myself by exploring new things. I try to be "creatively generous" with what I learn. While I appreciate all the disciplines of the "serious side" of Fine Arts, I also enjoy creating things that make people think.

Oops. There’s the catch. That profile belongs to
Warren Ludwig who created his blog, LUDstuff, back in January of 2007!

Not only did Yankee steal Mr. Ludwig’s profile, but she stole his Interests and Favorite Movies and Music too! The only thing Yankee didn’t steal was where Mr. Ludwig lives. He lives in Kansas and Yankee lives in…New York! (I told you to keep that in mind from the last post, remember?) She's not that pretty either, well,
Lauren Conrad from The Hills is that pretty, but we don't have a clue what Yankee looks like. Heck, we don't even know if Yankee is a female! Everything else about this blog is fake, so her being a she is probably fake, too!

Yankee wrote on her
Feb 1st post: Did you catch this one from President Whiner? On Feb 3, the Affirmative Action POTUS mewled: WOW! How did she know 2 days before what the POTUS was going to mewl? Can she give me the lottery numbers 2 days from now? How about weather predictions? Oh, wait... no, she can't. She’s not a prophet, but she is a deceiver! Her RSS Feed says Feb 14th, but as you can see, she wrote Feb 1st. So, along with plagiarizing this post from Hugh Hewitt and John Nichols, she cheats on posting dates! Now where have we heard that before?

Here is yet another post that is
proof positive that Yankee is a plagiarizer. It was taken from Politico’s article and a comment by jan. Its date has also been changed. According to Yankee, she posted it Feb 4th, but the RSS Feed states Feb 14th @ 2:59 pm. Yankee did that to make it look like she posted it before the original author, Carol Lee; who posted it @ 9:24 am on Feb 14th.

Yankee must like to lift from Politico because her post,
Jobs, was taken from comment #50 by HankG. And yet again she changed the RSS Feed date of March 8th @ 12:30 pm, to a blog post date of March 2nd. My guess is because HankG’s comment was posted on March 8th @ 8:23 am and Yankee wouldn’t want anyone to think he posted first!

Too bad Yankee didn’t
Keep to the Facts that plagiarizing was wrong because she used 2 sources for that blog post. The Spectator, comment by Achilles Toejam, and Honest Questions. Yep, you guessed it, the dates were manipulated. Post date of March 6th and the RSS Feed states March 9th.

Yankee uses
Reelman’s comment to compose this post which says it was posted on March 8th but the feed reads March 9th.

Yankee’s right,
Trouble lies ahead, well Yankee’s not right, Nebraska Patriot is! Because it was his comment that she lifted to make a blog post! Of course the dates were once again manipulated. (Nebraska Patriot is a male—he has a blog and says he's been married, to a wife, since 1987.)

In summary, American Yankee stole her entire profile, interests, favorite movies and music and 6 out of 8 posts are plagiarized. She lives in New York, big surprise there! But remember that state! And notice how she started her blog in December of 2009 and plopped 8 posts onto it: 2 on Feb 14th; 2 on March 8th; 3 on March 9th; and 1 on April 4th...then she abandoned the blog. Tuck that info away for the next blog--coming soon!


  1. This deception is sadly pathetic.

    Are you soliciting suggestions of fake sites as there are a few that I've encountered over the past few months that appear to follow the same patterns as the ones you've exposed.

  2. J Mopper: Sure I'll take suggestions. I have a list I'm working from, but hey, what's a few more when you already have over 90? Good Golly that is "sadly pathetic"!

  3. You may already have these but here are 2 of them, nonetheless:


  4. Do most of these fakes originate from Long Beach NY or Garden City NY Blogging Sleuth? That has been my experience that one, or a few misguided souls have an operation from this area.

  5. Professor: I don't know where they originate from, however, according to their profiles they either live in New York or moved from New York.

  6. So where are the liberal blogs? Or do you only go after conservatives?

    And who really cares if someone sets up a blog to hide their true identity? Maybe they like to post things that they don't want certain people to read.

  7. Zooeymama: As was mentioned here , there was 1 Liberal fake blog called A Proud Left Winger. After it was mentioned it was miraculously changed to “Invite Only”! Imagine that! So, no, I don’t only go after Conservative blogs. It just happens that the fake blogs are Conservative. Tell the fake blogster to stop setting them up that way. But if you know of any Liberal fake blogs, give me the URL’s and I’ll check them out.

    And who really cares if someone sets up a blog to hide their true identity?

    No one said anything about hiding an identity or being anonymous. I’ve been describing in great detail how these blogs have been stealing other’s intellectual work, which is called plagiarizing. Maybe you should go back and re-read what I’ve written. Besides, there are, as of right now, 90+ open blogs, which are fake, are you going to tell me that all of them are trying to hide their identities and posting things that they don’t want certain people to read? (whatever that even means!) If they are hiding their identities then they shouldn’t be worried about what people read, should they? That’s the whole purpose of hiding behind an Avatar. Besides, these blogs aren’t hiding behind secret identities, they are stealing other’s work and manipulating posting dates.

    So, no, I don't buy it. These blogs are fake. They are all connected and I'm going to post about each and every one that is left open.

  8. You really need a life man. Who cares if they're fake?? Well obviously you do. And as for plagiarism, the author has to complain for there even to be a case made.

  9. Zooeymama: I have a life but this is what I want to do with it right now.

    Who cares if they’re fake, you ask? People who aren’t frauds, that’s who!

    So you did some research into Blogger’s terms, I see. Yes, you’re right, Zooeymama, the author has to complain, but there is another catch, buddy, one that I’m not gonna say anything about. Pamela Hart is working on it and I guess the fake blogsters will just have to find out about it on their own, when they get into trouble, that is. But don’t take my word for it, let’s keep the game going, because I’m having way too much fun exposing all these fake blogs.