Sunday, October 31, 2010


It’s one thing, as we've seen, to set up a fake blog because you have lots of plagiarized work to cut and paste and quite another to go through the motions for only 1 post, like our buddy, To Be An American here, but I’m going to list him just to get him out of the way.

He set up his blog in February 2009 and, of course, manipulated his posting date as per the RSS Feed. We don’t know where he lives or any of his favorites, but we do know he pilfered his one and only post from the
American Thinker and Politico and, ta da, a closed fake blog called The Phantom Man (see the last paragraph). Yep, American decided that stealing from fake blogs is fair game too. Unless, it’s his blog, then it wouldn’t be stealing, would it? Gosh, this is confusing!

We don’t know much about American, other than he’s a plagiarizer and a fake. Short and boring, but wrong all the same.


  1. This fake blog is interesting in that it has only one post but 14 followers, one of which is "Debbies Choice," a blogger who rarely posts anything but who has over a hundred followers! It's also curious to read on "Debbies Choice" banner the words "Proud To Be An American," and this blog you've investigated is called "To Be An American."

    I gues the person setting up all these fake blogs is running out of ideas on what to call them.

    Another interesting point on "Debbies Choice" is that the blogger who set up that blog used a photo of Asian wome, actually 2, that were taken from an Asian soft porn site--one was used for a picture in the banner that said "Debbies Choice" and a different photo was
    used for the profile picture for the blog.

    I asked "Debbie" why, if she's so proud to be an American, would she take photos from an ASIAN soft porn site to represent her?

    When caught, the ususal behavior of these fake bloggers is to change the subject or attack the person pointing out the fraud.

    Debbie of "Debbies Choice" changed her banner photo to a drawing of an Asian woman, but put another photo up as "her" profile picture.

    That photo in "her" profile picture is from another Asian soft porn site.


    Also, "Debbies Choice" with over a hundred followers has posted anything since July of this year.

  2. Also, The Phantom Man has changed into "Joseph's Journal."

    This is Google's cache of

    It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Sep 8, 2010 22:45:59 GMT. The current page could have changed in the meantime. Learn more

  3. Sleuth, is Right Klik on your list? This sight seems to be on everyones list of followers, at least most of the discredited blogs.

  4. Dave: I noticed Right Klik too and checked to see when it was created. It doesn't have a profile but from the archives it looks like 2008. Although there is 1 post from 1999? Right Klik seems to post quite a bit and leaves links, etc., and gets comments, but who knows, I wouldn't be surprised at anything at this point.

  5. Shaw: Yes, The Phantom Man morphed into Joseph’s Journal. Many of the fake blogs morph. Take My Thoughts. It was originally run by a pretty blond girl from New York. I think she decided to have a sex change because now it’s called Ali Baba and the profile says he used to live in Egypt, however, he still identifies himself as female!

  6. Okay Sleuth, check this out...

    One of our favorite fakers, Conservative 16 has a new profile picture.

    Yet that picture is from Cathy, the "Voice of a Conservative."

    Here's that link...

    Of course, she/he has all the same usual suspects following their blog.

    What a small world we live in that all of these blogs that their owners claim are not fakes have the same follower list and borrow/steal material from each other...

    So coincidental...

  7. Dave, that photo on Con16 and Cathy, "Voice of a Conservative" is a photo of a young Ann Coulter. I think the fake bloggers are too reluctant to use other people's stolen photos from the internet or facebook, since the owners of those photos can be alerted to the frauds and will make known their anger at being used in such a manner.

    Also, Sleuth, I saw where GrandmaZaZa posted a turkey recipe recently--actually plagiarized the recipe and didn't bother to credit the website where it came from.

    My guess is that Granny is trying to look "legit" by posting a stolen recipe or two so that people will really think "she's" a real Grandma.

    However, REAL grandmothers would have their own favorite recipes that they've collected over the years and not have to crib without attribution from the internet.

    GrandmaZaZa is sooooooooooo transparent. "She" isn't fooling anyone but "herself."

  8. this is all so funny, it could be a TV show, sorta Seinfeldish! LOL!