Sunday, November 14, 2010


Our 11th blog in the fake blog series is Ciao Baby. I’d much rather tell him bye-bye, however, we might as well get this shyster over and done with. Let’s see, he created his fake blog in August of 2009, and, like the other fake blogs, plopped down 7 posts for 2009: 2 on Aug 3rd, 1 on Aug 4th, 3 on Aug 6th and 1 on Oct 13th. CB doesn’t post again until almost a year later when he plops 2 posts onto his blog, 1 on Aug 15th and 1 on Aug 19th, and then like the others, completely abandons it.

CB has no About Me, however, he has a banner that reads: Born in Brooklyn, in his side bar, so we can safely assume he lives in none other than the great state of New York, along with Yankee, little Suzy and good ‘ole Jake! Wow, by the time I’m done that state is gonna be crowded!

CB has the same rantings as the other fake blogs and
this post is no different; he went to the LA Times to pilfer a comment from Delaware Bob, then switched the sentences around a bit, but it’s still plagiarism, as I’m sure CB is well aware.

CB is all
TRANSPARENCIES when it comes to plagiarizing! He pilfered from none other than Pajamas Media’s comment section, #1 by Pragmatist and #5 by David Thomson. The ironic thing here is there is a suspicious blog which was opened this very August--wait for it-- The Pragmatis! Oh, forgive the spelling, these fake bloggers, as we’ve seen, so suck at that! Check out this fake blog, who would spell attack like that? I mean even if the URL is taken, wouldn’t you like add a number or something? But the URL wasn't taken, he used darkwolf101, (another little tactic with the 101 that I'll get into soon) the fake blogger spelled attack correctly on his profile, well in one spot he did and the other he didn't, and then again incorrectly on the blog page, the dolt! Oh, it’s like a comedy show, that’s for sure, I get so many giggles doing the research for these fake blogs! Anyway, is it a coincidence that CB stole a comment from Pragmatist (spelled correctly) and then out of nowhere another fake blog appears with that very name? I’m just throwing that out there, folks, it seems awfully strange that there are just oh so many coincidences with these fake blogs.

CB calls Nancy Pelos (sic) the outrageous liar in
this post, but what about him being the outrageous plagiarizer, and ghastly speller! I know, I know, but it’s just too much fun taking jabs at these goons. Anyway, he stole his wrongly spelled titled post from Media Matters! No one can ever accuse these fake bloggers of being partisan!

Hey Ciao Baby, it’s about original work and he certainly didn’t demonstrate that
here! Nope, he jumped on over to Politco, another fav for the fake bloggers, and stole comment #135 by nntktr and #128 by JohnDDBCC.

So, there you have it, the 11th fake blog in our series, who lives in New York and steals from Politco, Pajamas Media, and the LA Times just like Yankee, Bob, good ‘ole Jake, Lulu, American, ‘lil Suzy, Grandma and Con16! Hmm, another coincidence? I think not.


  1. My goodness, Sleuth, there seems to be a common thread running through these almost countless fake blogs.

    Your excellent work is riveting!

  2. Wow, another fake blog!
    Who the hell cares besides a couple of stupid libtards???
    You need to move out of your mother's basement and do something productive that will really help society.

  3. BM: looks like this investigation has hit a sensitive nerve. Now why would that be? YOU seem to care or else you wouldn't have attacked the Sleuth in such a childish manner.

    I am now done mopping up this "BM"!

  4. Ah bm, by throwing out the word “libtard” you think you are discrediting my blog, eh? By suggesting I blog in my mother's basement you think it insults me, huh?

    You have so much to learn, son.

    You have no idea of my political ideals, of my blogging location, or even my gender. As a matter of fact, you have no clue as to my identity at all and are grasping at straws, which makes this oh so much fun!

    You only know that I have the truth on my side and I have proof that these blogs are as fake as the "bm" you used to post your silly, childish comment.

    Try again, bm, maybe one day you'll post something remotely mature. But until then, keep in mind that readers, regardless of political views, will side with me because I have truth, integrity and facts on my side, where as you have nothing but dishonesty and fraud on yours.

  5. Mister or Ms. Sleuth whoever you are and whoever you think you are. Thank you for the reply, Sorry if I bore you, but I just need to get this out. I found you from following your link on a post that you has inserted your logo on as a follower and I’ve been keeping up with this detective game you have been playing. And honestly, I think that you’d better keep your day job, because to tell you the truth, you sound like you’re a old man or women or someone in-between that never grew up.
    But I have to ask you the following.
    What in the world do you think that you have accomplished by showing a handful of your followers that you found a group of people that have copied the posts of some others? Oh dear, the injustice of it all.
    May I humbly ask.... So what? Why do you and your followers feel that you have exposed a Soviet Spy, or the Russian Secret Service? Where in the world is this heading and again I ask, so what? So some one made themselves a multitude of blogs (maybe) and they copied or as you say, plagiarized other blogs. Big deal, who cares and why in the world should you? But I guess that you do, so thanks for this information. Great job, super work, you have made yourself a legacy. Now what? Let me ask you a question or two.. Don’t you have a life? Is playing Mister or Ms. Sleuth so important to you that you play this little game of yours? I can visualize you now, sitting at your computer with 20 to 50 shoe boxes of blog names and entering each and every line into google to compare the posts to other who may have wrote them first. Big deal. What a Sleuth you are. What you are is a lonely person who hasn’t anything else in life to do but spend and waste time with this foolishness. If nosy people like you would spend their time trying to do something valuable like exposing the cheats in our government who are stealing us blind instead of finding a blogger who stole another persons post, you would earn much more respect, then digging through bloggers old profiles and posts. But you go right on and play Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective, and get your jollies off any way that makes you feel good. I hope you found this to be remotely mature.

  6. bm: You’re just too cute! Bore me? Oh, no, quite the contrary!

    Here’s the deal. If it wasn’t a big deal, you, my friend, wouldn’t have spent so much time reading and responding to my oh so foolish blog! So, I think I have impacted you, whether you want to admit to that ugly little truth or not.

    Oh, my life, thank you for your concern, as misplaced as it is, because I can assure you I do have one, as I’ve told a few other fake profiles that said this was no big deal and for me to get a life. And since it is my life, I can live it in any fashion I chose and I chose to sleuth out fake blogs. Call it dumb or call it amusement…call it whatever your little heart desires, I don’t really care, as it’s my life. Now, if you really don’t care and it’s really no big deal, you can just go about your merry little way and pretend you never read a word of my foolish little blog of which will never give me any real respect; however, you are intrigued and you will be back, probably with a different profile name, but nonetheless, you’ll be back--poor soul-- I’ll do my best to keep you entertained.

    Ah, just for the record, I don’t use shoeboxes and I don’t blog in my mommy’s basement and I’m not old—although age is just a number, eh?

    Oh, to answer your question: I haven’t accomplished anything---yet.

  7. what a great name for your commenter...

    bm... that's exactly what his comments represent...

    awaiting your newest and it looks like you hit the mark with conservative 16 and granny, they are both outta here!

  8. Have a great Christmas sleuthing Sleuth!

  9. Thank you, Dave. I hope your Christmas was blessed and merry too.

    I'll be posting some more fake blogs after the new year. Even sleuths need a break once in awhile.

  10. This is funny. BM sounds like comments from a number of related blogs. They try to act nonchalant in their accusal, but there is an undertone (and perhaps a faint whiff) of fear.

    Keep up the good work, hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.