Monday, March 28, 2011


Hello Honorable Bloggers.

I just wanted to touch base and let you all know that Professor of Life, Grey Wolf Attacks, and Grandma ZaZa have closed their blogs. Now, don't go getting all upset. I know how much you relied on those fake blogs for UNoriginal information—with all that copying and pasting going on, but you’ll just have to adjust. Maybe go visit the original sites from now on—ya know, and get it first hand from the real authors.

Oh, that reminds me! My blogroll on the left sidebar has a listing of the blogs that are proven plagiarizers. I haven’t written about all of them yet, but felt you should at least know who is not trustworthy, and I’ll add to it as I find others. I’ll get around to the posts when I have a chance, but they are pretty much the same—using the same MO in just about each and every blog, but some are actually quite humorous, so I’ll post them in case you are in need of some comic relief.

Also, if you know of any blogs that should be listed in my blogroll, but aren't, let me know. It’s actually a List Of Shame and if these fake bloggers had an ounce of decency, they’d shut them down, but we know they don’t, so we’ll just make fun of them. It is the internet after all, and open to scrutiny, so, let’s scrutinize away!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Well I’m back from my hiatus! I apologize for my absence, but even a Sleuth needs a break now and again.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to why we’re here shall we? And we’re here because of fake blogs! And yes,
Get It Right is, well, fake, just like the others in our Fake Blog Series. Oh, wait, what number are we on now? Twelve, that’s right, this is number 12 in our series.

Get It Right started her blog in September of 2009 and only blogged for a month, but during that time managed to plop 15 posts onto her blog; 6 on Sept 25th; 7 on Sept 26th; 1 on Sept 29th; and 1 on Oct 2nd. Out of those 15 posts, 10 were plagiarized.

Get It’s
About Me doesn’t say where she’s from, but it says she’s very proud to be the wife of a Vietnam Vet for 23 years. Hmm, now who else was in the Military or related to someone in the Armed Forces?( Recap: PSI Bond was in the Military, Suzy’s husband served and Bob’s so-called son is serving in Iraq.) Like I mentioned in a previous post, keep this Military info under your hat for future posts.

And speaking of posts, Get It’s
first post was copied right from Breitbart’s site and of course she gave no attribution to the site and she manipulated the dates. It was posted on September 26th, but she chose to show it posted on August 25th, probably to trick her readers into thinking her blog was older than it really was. But who would even believe the August date anyway! We can see her blog was created in September for Pete's sake! (These fake bloggers must think everyone is dumber than a box of rocks!)

You just gotta love when these fake bloggers copy from blogs and in those blogs are other fake bloggers! Get It stole her
2nd post from Obama’s An Idiot's blog, whose followers include none other than Bob Knows Best and Dark Wolf Attacks (Fake Blogger Coming Soon!) These just keep getting better and better all the time. I don’t have to watch comedy shows on television when I have fake blogs to keep me in stitches! Oh yes, and the original blog, Obama’s an Idiot, posted it on Sept 18th, but Get It posted it on Sept 26th but switched her date to reflect August 26th—nothing like stealing the work and then trying to pretend you were the first! A thief and a cheat. Fake bloggers won’t ever be accused of having morals!
Here we are again with yet another stolen post! This one from Mark Schannon at Blog Critics site. No attribution to Mr. Schannon and of course the dates were manipulated to show that she posted before him, the real author!

I’m guessing Get It thought she was being ever so clever with this cutesie of a
post. But sorry, posting words that are otherwise lined out on the original post still count as plagiarism. Switching a word or two still equates to plagiarism. You see fake bloggers, it’s all plagiarism, because you stole the work and didn’t give attribution! Get it? It’s intellectual work from someone else, which you borrowed, and are required to link. It’s not difficult, Word Press and Blogger make linking very, very easy. Just copy (you know how to do this very well) the link and put in into the hyper-linking box/gadget when you are posting and your fake blog won’t be fake anymore! Oh my, I’m so giving them credit, aren’t I? I’m thinking these fake bloggers actually want, and are able, to act like the Conservatives they preach about so much! (I just cracked myself up! Excuse me while I wipe the coffee off my computer screen.)

Get it’s
You lie post should’ve been posted about herself, considering she pilfered the entire post from Eileen for Freedom/L from none other than Brietbart’s comment section. As we keep seeing, fake bloggers don’t seem to have an original thought in their little pea brains.

Get It decided to post about the foiled NYC terror attack twice,
here and here. Both were posted on September 25th within one minute of each other, however, her posting dates for both are September 20th. She does show the word snip in the first post, which indicates something was left off, but failed to notify us, by way of link or hat tip, which news source she was actually quoting, and the other post she doesn’t use the word snip, nor does she link, hat tip or reference at all, which leads me to wonder if the snip was plagiarized along with the rest of the post, considering there are numerous posts on this particular event, so a flip of a coin would be just as good as a guess to figure out which one she pilfered!

Get It wants her readers to think she can see the future and so posts a
prediction, however, it’s actually comprised of two comments at Breitbart’s site, Cowboy Logic (pg 1) and SAWB (pg 2). Too bad Get It just doesn’t, well...get it.

Get It complains in
this post about how children are being taught to sing Obama’s praises, well, she complains in the second half of the post, the first half is actually stolen from a CBS news source. If you look at her post carefully you’ll see that she mentions a video at the left, but there is no video at the left, nor the right, the top, nor the bottom, for that matter! Also she cut and pasted the post right after the quote children -- notice the coma after children. She left off according to Fox News! If these fake bloggers are going to plagiarize, the least they could do is make it look authentic for Pete’s sake!

Oh, she just keeps on giving! This post about the
UN speech was written by Nebraska Patriot (comment #5) on the Gay Patriot’s site, but Get It decided it would look much better on her blog as a post written by none other than--her! Just like American Yankee, PSI Bond, Suzy’s Thoughts and Voice of Reason, the Gay Patriot is the site to steal, pilfer and pillage when you can not think for yourself!

In her
Nancy Pelosi post, Get It pilfers part of Eamon Javer’s article from Politico and comment #5 from Ann&Mitt. We’ve seen this type of behavior before. We’ve come to learn it’s common for these fake bloggers to steal bits and pieces of articles and various responses from the comment sections and pass them off as their own. A lot of work for one measly post. It would be so much easier to write your own post, but hey, that would require thinking! My bad, I forgot they don’t have but a few brain cells to rub together.

So, there you have it. Get It Right has got it wrong, because she steals intellectual work from others and passes it off as her own. And no matter how some try to spin it, that is not flattering and it’s not a way to spread news that you might like. Linking is the appropriate way to do that. Period. The next time I hear spin I’m going to answer with “POFP”, which means, “Pants on fire, Plagiarizer!”