Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Investigating blogs for plagiarism is long, hard work. I’ve been helping with this tedious task and during my research a few new/fake blogs have popped up. I know the MO because they look and read exactly like the others I’ve been researching. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that these new/fake blogs are following the same pattern as the old/fake blogs. They have set patterns, ones I won’t get into here because it could jeopardize the on-going investigation. However, I want to let everyone know about one of these new/fake blogs.

But before I do that I want every blogger to know that I am in no way trying to stifle freedom of speech. I just want to stop the plagiarizing of other’s work. Stealing is wrong. And if anyone knows anything about plagiarism, it normally goes hand in hand with copyright violation. So, the person who is setting up these fake blogs can continue his/her real blog, just stop with the fake blogs.

Without further ado:

Grandma ZaZa's Opinion is a fake blog. I know this because her persona was taken from Yahoo Answers. She can’t be reached by either IM or email and has no real picture. It was easy after that to set up a blog using her name, post 27 blog posts in a matter of 8 days, and then proceed to visit other communities and write comments to try and prove she was real. Grandma ZaZa is in fact real, but the blog Grandma ZaZa is not, because 20 out of 27 posts have been stolen from other sources all over the internet—sources that the other fake blogs I have been researching also used for plagiarizing. Coincidence? (You tell me if 98 fake blogs are coincidence.) Also read the foul language that Grandma uses in her posts. A woman doesn’t normally use such language—a man, however, does.

Here is a complete list of the blog posts that Grandma ZaZa has stolen. You be the judge:

Grandma's 1st post was stolen from here.

Her 2nd post was taken from here, comments #17 by tootsiepie and #18 by Bad Dog.

Grandma's post titled: More Typical Liberal Crap was stolen from the comments of Peace through blinding force and bill at this site.

Three months ago on Yahoo Answers the real Grandma ZaZa answers a question about the Ground Zero Mosque. The fake ZaZa not only cuts and pastes that answer onto her blog but also James' answer as well to produce this blog post.

It appears that Grandma is a bit senile because she can't even come up with one sentence on her own as she needed Northcal Foothill Rich's comment for this post!

Now she's getting more daring, stealing the article plus comment by billyc for this post.

BEWARE bloggers this post was taken from a disgusting blog called Obama is a bitch. The blog is not set up with individual blog titles but by date and this post was taken from the one dated 9/12/10 posted by blog1713. Again, read at your own discretion, the posts are long and the language extremely foul. A lady, not to mention grandmother, wouldn't want to read this let alone use that kind of language! (faggots? Really, Grandma??)

Grandma's Why Did Obama Change the Name of 9/11 was taken from Sharing Answers.

Too bad Grandma ZaZa doesn't have a Moment of Rare Honesty herself, because she was actually on this forum but chose to steal American Mom's comment #9 instead!

Grandma feels that Al Gore and global warming are a hoax, and therefore bad, but has no problem being a hoax herself as she copies from this site and pastes it onto her blog and passes it off as her own work.

ZaZa is not stupid and knows that even if you add or remove a few words, it's still plagiarism.

Maybe Grandma got confused with this post. After all ZaZa and janjan are two names pasted together and aren't we starting to see that ZaZa might be addicted to paste!

This is an Interesting Perspective, Grandma stole it from Steve.

Here we have Libertyship46's comment used for this post.

Grandma tried to pull a fast one, but I'm a sleuth, so I found it. On Oct 16th she posted on Yahoo Answers to make it look like her blog post from Oct 17th wasn't stolen from RacerJim's comment posted on October 14th @ 10:09 am. My goodness, so much time wasted trying not to look fake.

Here's another where she adds and removes words from comments by USARetired and Lumpy1 's, but it's still plagiarism.

This post she actually pieces together 3 comments from this site. See LynnS, comment #13, JD, comment #3, and Jack, comment #1. Talk about work! Wouldn't it be easier to just write your own post?

Oh it's lame, alright. When you have to copy from felixthe, comment #15, and try to pass it off as your own blog post!

Now this post took extra, extra work. It was copied from 2 sites. The first here plus comment by buffpilot and the second here comments #8 by 101ABN and #11 by Whitehall. Again, it would be easier to razz on Mrs. Obama using your own words, don't you think? Or maybe Grandma ZaZa has no original thoughts in her 55 year young head.

And finally we have Grandma's latest post about Whoppi and Joy Behar. Guess where she got that post? From Matthew's comment here.

There you have it, the evidence. As I said, I don't want to stifle any free speech. But how dare anyone steal someone's intellectual work or comments and pass them off as an original blog post? What is wrong with this person?


  1. My hat is off to you sleuth...

    I knew granny was a fake from the start...

    Now onto conservative 16...

  2. Dave: Conservative16 was done last week. I'll put up a post on him next.

  3. Amazing work, Sleuth! If there were a Pulitzer Prize for this effort, you'd win hands down.

    Thank you for your efforts. As bloggers, we believe we are all entitled to express our honest opinions on our blogs, but what you've exposed is not opinion it is fakery and dishonesty that demeans all bloggers.

    These blogs are nothing more than cyber graffiti of the sort one sees scrawled on bus station walls. They're meaningless and serve no purpose except to make the blog owner look like a desperate loser.

    Thank you again for your hard work.

    I will link to this blog as you expose more of these pathetic frauds.

    Brava! You rock!

  4. GREAT JOB! I am adding you to my blog roll right now!

  5. Taken from "grandma's" profile: "I do get "spirited" at times, but it is NEVER my intention to hurt anyone's feelings"


    Read any of "her" comments and you'll see right away that it is, indeed, "her" ONLY intention...even directing it at those who simply offer a differing opinion.

    Now who does THAT sound like? Perhaps our dear friend enjoys pretending to be a grandma? These days I guess anything is possible.

  6. The Sleuth speaks truth. Gotta add this site to my L+INK LIST and refer back often for updates.

    Identity thieves, plagiarists, Malware purveyors, and abusive trolls ... oh my!

    A veritable clearinghouse of shared experiences, you can make a career out of this.

  7. I knew the first time I saw grannyzaza she was a fake. I wish you would tie them all into lisa the troll. Wouldn't that be a humdinger!

    Great work sleuth!

  8. Oh there are connections...and lots of them. They will be revealed. One very shortly.

  9. Just posted this to zaza, which I expect to be deleted:

    Based on the evidence from sleuth, which is verifiable, the possible explanations for the copied material are:

    (1) These other posters somehow got hold of zaza's postings and then posted them before zaza could on this wonderful blog

    Probability: 0.01%

    (2) Zaza and these other posters are all one and the same

    Probability: 1.00%

    (3) zaza stole the postings from the other posters

    Probability: 98.99%

    And finally, the probability of zaza having any kind of meaningful response to all of this: THAT'S being liberal.

    Keep up the good work, sleuth.

  10. It's blatant plagiarism and to try and say it's somehow complimentary to the authors is absurdity.

  11. I thought this was interesting...Grannyzaza said on one of her posts.."Thank You.
    Please look forward for my next blog. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed"

    When she said her next blog instead of saying her next post it sounds just like Malcontent. He always calls a posting a blog too.

  12. zaza told me to Google her so I did, she did steal the identity of the real grandmazaza and then proceeded to sign up with Yahoo answers on 10.16.2010 so as to THINK we believe she has been there all along. What a dumbass! Mal to me is a dangerous person if he goes to these lengths. Maybe he's a prisoner? How would a normal working person have so much time on their hands to do these fake blogs?

  13. Sue: I about had a heartattack! I thought at first Grandma ZaZa meant she was going to start a whole new blog!

    The thing about these blogs is they "appear" normal when you read them one at a time. But after reading them side by side by side by side, etc., you see numerous patterns. There is NO way these blogs aren't connected.

    You are right, whomever set the old bogus blogs up and whomever is setting up the new ones has tons of time on their hands, because I know how much time it's taking me just to research them, that's why I need help.

  14. If I didn't have a 3 yr old here 4 days a week then I would help you. I just want you to be safe because this is sounding scary to me. Who is behind these fake blogs and why are they doing them is the question. Also, have you uncovered any liberal fake blogs?

  15. Sue: Yes, there is one Liberal blog here. Although, it follows the SAME patterns as the "Right" bogus blogs, which makes me wonder if it was set-up just to throw people off.

  16. what a joke, the picture looks like David Arquette!

    Funny he calls himself a lefty but his favorite blogs are these.....

    My Right Veiw
    Napqueen's Press
    No Subject
    The Conservative Road
    The Crank Files
    The Malcontent
    the malcontent
    The Views Of An American Girl

    I remember seeing Fort Lee on my feedjit before, Hmmmmmmm